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RST Fiber’s High-speed Network powered by Cisco’s Evolved Programmable Network

…ariety of cutting edge network and data center infrastructure technologies, including optical and carrier-grade IPv6 solutions. The Cisco EPN, allows RST to reliably and seamlessly deliver a variety of services, including wired and wireless broadband and 4K video to businesses and residents throughout North Carolina. It also paves the way for programmable networks capable of accelerating service turn-up and delivering personalized service offeri…


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What’s New from Cisco IT?

…NG: Cutting-edge networks feature in the Cisco IT portfolio, with stories focusing on how Cisco IT implemented IPv6 end-to-end, deployed Unified Access at all sites, and provided new layers of context-driven security for the company’s extensive wired and wireless networks. Cisco also supports one of the largest enterprise BYOD networks in the world. Cisco IT shares best practices on how to design, provision (often with Zero Touch Deployment), an…


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Open Standards, Open Source, Open Loop

…emature standardization. There was a well-received demo of multi-vendor interoperability of Segment Routing for IPv6 at IETF 90.  Why is there no beer-and-gear demonstration session at every IETF? Engage in even more research (already a strength) to engage a broader range of participants. And (as other SDOs have concluded) fix the liaison process – because it will be critical to collaboration with OSS projects.  In fact, don’t even use the…


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Evaluating Fixed and Mobile Networks for Cloud Readiness”

…ness criteria for mobile networks, this year (2014), that number grew to 52 countries. Increased cloud provider IPv6 deployments have had a positive impact on IPv6 content and its availability. From October 2013 to October 2014, there has been nearly a 33-percent increase in the number of websites that are IPv6-capable. Would you like to better understand your country’s cloud readiness (and compare it to other countries)? Try the Cisco Cloud Rea…


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Cisco and OpenStack: Juno Release – Part 2

…ovide a more flexible and secure way of controlling access. Enhancements to Horizon to enable configuration of  IPv6 subnet modes is also part of the Juno release. This allows tenants to configure address and Route Advertisement (ra) mode for their subnets through the user dashboard. Neutron supports multiple IPv6 address configuration modes including SLAAC and DHCPv6 (both Stateful and Stateless modes). StackForge The Cisco OpenStack team has be…


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