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Cisco at CCBN: Transforming Video Experiences

…-cost, disruptive cable-based solution with application in smart homes including education and possibly digital gaming and healthcare, all based on cable’s native strengths. It includes digital video streaming and a traditional set-top-box, but uses a completely redefined end-to-end software architecture model. Customers and partners will be able to experience live demo of SDB solutions that Cisco  developed together with our strategic cust…


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IWAN Wed: What is Intelligent WAN?

…your network traffic but what’s next? Should you go to each user and ask them to turn off their Netflix, Hulu, Gaming, File sharing etc because some other users are trying to work and their Citrix VDI sessions are dropping? Of course not!  You need the ability to set policies and control the network behavior automatically and prioritize (L7 QoS) the correct APPLICATION (not by using old school QoS of 802.1p or DSCP), and what better location to…


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Observations from Mobile World Congress 2014

…minent booths.  Now, it seems that SPs are keen to show off and sell their latest applications, cloud services, gaming and other innovative mobile offerings. These services are seen as new revenue-generating opportunities that will hopefully deliver the next wave of monetization opportunities Bigger and Better — Not so long ago mobile devices kept striving to keep getting smaller and more compact, whereas their TV cousins were all about getting…


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Cisco Supports Tech Entrepreneurs in Jordan

…ging from the local ecosystem. Founded in 2009, MXD is a technology and tools provider for platform developers, gaming companies and interactive 3D online application developers. Its co-founders, Muhannad Taslaq and Baha Abu Nojaim, are examples of the diverse entrepreneurs Jordan is producing. Born and bred in Jordan and of Palestinian origin, they are graduates of Jordanian universities and active participants in promoting grassroots technology…


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Cisco ANZ CTO Looks ahead: Trends Impacting the Networking Industry in 2014

…‘cloud first’ policies. Business leaders seek IT from the most convenient supply source. Consumer experiences (gaming, video) increasingly delivered via cloud. But turbulence and danger remain. Not all workloads find clouds suitable or safe. Cloud SPs face a pricing bloodbath for commoditized services (like VMs) and are challenged with on-boarding and cost-effective, timely provisioning. Vendors, Systems Integrators, the Channel reshape and acqu…