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Pentagon Secure In Move Towards BYOD

…aid. But perhaps even more importantly, BYOD keeps the DOD current, with its employees using the same tools and cyber-communication strategies as enterprise, GovPlace noted. Incorporating these modern evolutions and emerging technologies is crucial to keeping the government on the same page as the population it serves and protects. If the very agency that controls our nation’s security is ready to adopt a secure BYOD strategy, it seems the time h…


ICCC 2012: Raising Awareness of Common Criteria, Promoting Security for Emerging Technologies

In this age of emerging technologies and increasingly complex cyber threats, government and enterprise organizations of all types need to ensure that products they use meet key security criteria, are standards based, perform as expected and interoperate reliably with existing technology. As these organizations adopt new emerging technologies in hopes of saving on infrastructure and maintenance costs, is this at the risk of security? Without the…


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Who Keeps Your IPS Up To Date?

…nt. So who at Cisco is responsible for developing these IPS signatures that you can update your IPS with? Well, Security Intelligence Operations has a full-time highly trained team of IPS Signature Developers dedicated to developing IPS signatures. For Cisco IPS signature service customers, it is like having their own virtual cyber threat defense team. This team investigates and creates signatures for new threats as they are discovered and publis…


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“War, what is it good for” as a security metaphor?

…ping…) But metaphors also cause trouble, especially when we use them to over-simplify. I am skeptical of “security as war” metaphors, including that of the arms race. The metaphor detracts from the very real threats of cyber- and information warfare. War doesn’t define security any more than war defines firearms. Unless we are specifically talking about threats from nation states (and a few other actors) using information technology as part…


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Cyberspace – What is it?

…e definitions of cyberspace from several sources with the purpose of establishing a range of notions as to what cyberspace is and to derive its ontology. Sources are relevant entities like national or regional government, standardization bodies, and dictionary. The reason why the term “cyberspace” is chosen is that all other terms (e.g., cyber security, cybercrime, cyberwar, cyberterrorism, etc.) are based on, or derived from, cybersp…


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