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Red October in January: The Cyber Espionage Era

…p; Once again, the aforementioned vulnerabilities have been disclosed and patched for quite some time; however, cyber criminals are still successfully exploiting them. Note: Customers using Cisco IPS solutions have also been protected via signatures delivered for all three vulnerabilities. A patch management process is a critical component of any infrastructure. Security best practices and the use of common knowledge by security, network, and sys…


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Protecting Our Networks: It’s a Team Game Now!

…l Intelligence Council’s  (NIC) new “Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds” Discusses Future Cyber and Terrorism Threats” report: Growing interconnectivity of devices and software, including greater use of the cloud and integration between systems, will increase the vulnerabilities of technology leaders, including the US, to attack. Current trends suggest that deep interconnectivity between different software systems and…


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Commitment and Community: Cisco’s Security DNA

…y advocates to drive change and continuous improvement at the annual SecCon conference. Chris Young, SVP of the Security and Government Group kicked off the event with a powerful keynote speech that discussed, in great detail, the leadership vision of the future: “Dream, and make dreams come true from design to delivery.” Chris then shared feedback from his interactions with CIO’s from across the industry and the cyber security challenges they fa…


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Have You Architected Your Data Center Survival Strategy for A Dystopic Cyber Landscape?

…to build a more secure world may have unintentionally gone astray  as evidenced in Ellen Messmer’s Worst Security Snafus of 2012  where such consequences were clearly not imagined or intended by security vendors and businesses alike.   We’re indeed dealing with the opposite of Utopia. Our digital reality can be very fragile when one considers that how heavily we rely on mobile devices and cloud applications not only to conduct business but…


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Let’s Hack Some Cisco Gear at SecCon!

…video message, Cisco CEO, John Chambers, explained why security is one of the major requirements within Cisco. Security is as important as quality and is one of our first priorities at Cisco. Every employee is a stakeholder and must make it a priority. Chris was followed by a great session titled “Building On A Foundation Of Security” where Russ Smoak, Sr. Director of Cisco’s Security Research & Operations, interviewed Howard Schmidt, the Cy…


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