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Gaming Routers and Switches

…Werdna?) to establish a lineage…) I was reading a question today about ‘What is the Best Router for Gaming’???This is a very good question, but there are two sides to it! Sure, from home I would advocate something like a Linksys WRT54G or newer 11N radio. But what about on the hosting side of things!?!?!?!? A gaming company (of course to remain nameless) commented to me that the Cisco Nexus 7000 would be ideal for their servi…


Large Scale Data Centers

…nce application or web sites. But if no one is using the web sites or the finance app then is it really ‘efficient’ or am I simply gaming the system.Lastly the not-so-subtle jab at Google’s secrecy surrounding their facilities designs was cute.Speaking of, tune in next Tuesday. We have some amazing new stuff coming that will really change the game in the data center. It’s so fun to be working in this space right now!dg…


Gaming, Alternate Reality, the Metaverse and Emoting Avatars

For those of you who missed Harvard Business Review’s ‘Breakthrough Ideas for 2008′ in February, they managed to aggregate four very salient articles around the ‘gamer disposition’, Alternate Reality games (ARGs)in the workplace, the emerging ‘metaverse’, and the future of emoting avatars. Here is the link. Combined, they present an excellent leading-indicator of the future of the virtual workspace. Be…


What’s on your wish list this holiday season for your Connected Home?

…d me the ultimate game experience is the Wii. Believe me, you don’t slouch around on the couch with this gaming experience. But at this point, you may have to find one on eBay as most stores seem to sell out of them immediately. In addition to the somewhat addicting sports games it comes with, it has an integrated Opera Web browser and integrated 802.11 wireless networking. The networking and browsers enable downloading of older technol…


The Gaming Explosion

…the network specially setup for the event. It’s focused on everything you can do with computers, a lot of gaming and communication, but also programming, designing, music composing, plus a variety of other activities. The hunger of these bandwidth-gorging, network-gaming attendees knows no bounds. And thus, at the core of the network lies the world’s fastest router -Cisco CRS-1. TeliaSonera, the bandwidth provider for DreamHack, chose…