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Outstanding Innovators Under 35: Sundar Iyer

…217;s work address? With the growth in real-time applications such as voice, video, distributed computing and gaming, there’s a growing expectation from end users that their experiences with these applications will be high quality and high performing (e.g., high definition images, great sound quality, no lag in conversations). Yet, if the memory on a router (which is used to temporarily store the video, voice and other data that is being…


Virtual in the Cloud? Cinematic quality 3D rendering in a browser? For real?

…and ambiguous, the OTOY technology behind it is 100% real and very exciting. OTOY is a technology that moves 3D gaming rendering to the cloud, which would enable superior graphics on old computers and handheld devices where 3D rendering has traditionally not been possible or a good experience. The only unfortunate I see with this concept (well depending on how you look at it, as it is certainly memorable) is the acronym, GaaS…gaming as a se…


Sony and Microsoft Include Online Movie Rental Feature in Gaming Consoles

The gaming console industry is gaining traction in the online movie and TV market with the entrance of two new competitors. Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that XBox 360 users can now rent and buy movies and TV shows online through a partnership established with Netflix. Microsoft will join the arena in close timing with Sony’s announcement to enable similar capabilities for Playstation 3 and PSP. This is a step into direct competit…


Data Trends: Yotta?

…ontrol as the Internet is now surpassing TV in terms of media usage. When we add applications like interactive gaming, broadcast TV and HDTV MPEG-4, planning and dimensioning the services and underlying network are critical for the Service Provider. Assuring quality of service, security, and implementing overall network management will be pivotal towards service level agreement compliance.These issues are opportunities for the industry as a who…


Take the Cisco Live in Second Life Packet Sort Collaboration Challenge

…score is a”TOP 10″, it will be recorded on the Leader Board. The Leader Board lists each team member and their score in order of highest score first, maximum of 10 scores. If a team ties with another, they take their place and the older team appears below them. A new game will not start until at least 60 seconds have passed since the end of the last game (so players can get a chance to see their scores). Happy gaming all. Good luck!…