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The Gaming Explosion

…the network specially setup for the event. It’s focused on everything you can do with computers, a lot of gaming and communication, but also programming, designing, music composing, plus a variety of other activities. The hunger of these bandwidth-gorging, network-gaming attendees knows no bounds. And thus, at the core of the network lies the world’s fastest router -Cisco CRS-1. TeliaSonera, the bandwidth provider for DreamHack, chose…


Broadband : What is the right speed?

…nt, however, latency and jitter’s sensitivity is very high and are key to work properly.Entertainment and gaming applications require moderate to high speed but are very sensitive to latency and jitter. Stream video on the other hand is not too sensitive to latency but requires higher seepds. For consumers wanting to upload content and in particular video, high upload speed is essential.For companies looking to adopt Web 2.0 and collaborati…


What are some good areas to look at for I-Prize ideas?

…Digital entertainment: download any movie, any song, any game6. Mobility: always connected, anywhere, anytime7. Gaming: already bigger than the movie industry, now going mainstream8. Emerging economies: High growth new economies whose needs are different than old world economiesSo find a theme, then ask yourself:”what are the open issues?” For Green, this might be: household appliances that consume too much power in standby mode, for…


IMS or Web Services: is there a Debate? IMS in a World of Web-Based Applications

…ally IMS provides end-to-end management for VoIP applications running over IP mobile networks, to ensure quality of service.While IMS might not be the total telecom network of the future, its coexistence with web services certainly is. Developers will continue to leverage this network for real-time interactive multimedia services, such as IMS-enabled IPTV, gaming, video conferencing and click-to-call with a standards-based, open architecture….


Ode to Interoperability

…permeability between virtual worlds and useful data planned from day one? I think this is an artifact from the gaming side of the VW family tree, as you were disincented to disrupt the Middle Earth narrative and business model by interfacing with Amazon or Netflix or Credit Suisse. This is the opposite when you talk about a general purpose virtual shared workspace, as you can only talk with another human for so long before you want to point or…