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DTV: What it means to consumers

WASHINGTON, DC — With radio spectrum critically needed for public safety communications, the U.S. Congress has given TV broadcasters a deadline -February 17, 2009 -to turn off analog broadcasting and replace it with digital. Digital transmissions are more efficient, and once the transition is made, radio spectrum formerly used for broadcasting TV shows will be made available to public safety communications as well as new wireless broadband serv…


All Technology and Politics are Local: Wi-Fi in the Home, Part Two

For all intents and purposes, the Wi-Fi revolution started in the home, rather than in the office (some would say it started in the supply chain industries, but it was a pretty niche technology in terms of numbers). Propelled by a very rich Intel Centrino marketing budget, the avalanche of wireless-enabled laptops and available hotspots, propelled the much connected wireless lifestyle. According to the Yankee Group, Wi-Fi hot spots will grow t…


Top 10 Enterprise Mobility Predictions for 2007

…th/QoS, security), capabilities (based on location or presence) and application access by knowing who you are.7. Gaming approaches will support mobile networks. As the generation of workers weaned on Internet or multi-party gaming join the work force, expect them to use mobile technologies to change the nature of work. So, lest you think I launched into spiked eggnog too early, let me explain. What is interesting about gamers is how they for…


FADS: Pet Rocks, Members-Only Jackets and Net Neutrality

SAN JOSE, CA — Fads are sometimes hard to explain and can be tough to stop. I still do not understand the pet rock, the Member’s Only (TM) jacket or Beanie Babies, so I won’t even try.I do, however, understand the fad of”net neutrality.” Over-the-top (OTT) providers of applications over networks (i.e. search engines, shopping sites, game sites, etc.) have famously argued that if net neutrality is not enacted into legis…


Finding the Right Mix with Wi-Fi

…y they seem to be aiming for the teen and college youth market, but it doesn’t have the pull of an iPOD or gaming device. (Nor the affordable price tag, with the mylo over $300.) Why didn’t Sony didn’t take these same features and integrate it into their gaming platform? Nintendo has already surpassed 2 million unique Wi-Fi users with their gaming device.Still, what Sony did get right is simplifying finding a hot spot by incl…