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Data Trends: Yotta?

…ontrol as the Internet is now surpassing TV in terms of media usage. When we add applications like interactive gaming, broadcast TV and HDTV MPEG-4, planning and dimensioning the services and underlying network are critical for the Service Provider. Assuring quality of service, security, and implementing overall network management will be pivotal towards service level agreement compliance.These issues are opportunities for the industry as a who…


Take the Cisco Live in Second Life Packet Sort Collaboration Challenge

…score is a”TOP 10″, it will be recorded on the Leader Board. The Leader Board lists each team member and their score in order of highest score first, maximum of 10 scores. If a team ties with another, they take their place and the older team appears below them. A new game will not start until at least 60 seconds have passed since the end of the last game (so players can get a chance to see their scores). Happy gaming all. Good luck!…


Cisco Live in Second Life

…rry couldn’t help myself.This year we will feature on-demand technical break out session/s, collaborative gaming, several live Cisco Live in Second Life TechChats…and last but certainly not least a live QA in world with John Chambers, Cisco CEO, on collaboration. See below for a detailed schedule. I hope to see you out in June for what should prove to be an exciting weeks worth of virtual events and tours! For those who can’t jo…


What Makes a Great Partnership?

…including a personalized homepage, e-mail, storage, security, parental controls, instant messaging, music, and gaming. The two companies share broadband DSL, e-commerce, and ad revenues.There is another winner in this equation. Imagine the possibilities as a consumer of services tailored for your interests and brought to you seamlessly by your service provider. What if you were in your car, you heard a song you liked on the radio, and you coul…


The Crazy Eights of EDGE QUEST

Hi. A few days ago I was recording a podcast for Cisco EDGE QUEST Game Tournament with uber-gamer/podcaster extraordinaire, Randy Jordan…