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Announcing Cisco UCS Common Platform Architecture v2 (CPA v2) for Big Data

…e for Hadoop demonstrated using YCSB with MapR, industry’s first validated and certified solution for real-time Big Data analytics with SAP HANA, and Unleashing IT big data special edition Built up on our vision of shared infrastructure and unified management for enterprise applications, the Cisco UCS Common Platform Architecture (CPA) for Big Data has become a popular choice for enterprise Big Data deployments. It has been widely adopted in fi…


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Unleashing IT Big Data Launch

Unleash and Unlock There’s value in your Big Data Organizations are rethinking the realm of possibility that exists with the vast amount of data they gather and store with each IT transaction. The value of this data can unleash and unlock priceless opportunities for your business. Together with Intel, Cisco has released a special edition of Unleashing IT which focuses specifically on Big Data and the benefits therein. Maximizing the value that e…


SAP HANA + UCS CPA for Big Data = Simplifying the Deployment of Real-time Big Data Analytics

…nterprise applications, we are announcing industry’s first validated and certified solution for real-time Big Data analytics with SAP HANA. Based on our joint work with Intel and SAP at the SAP Co-innovation Lab (COIL), the solution integrates SAP HANA with Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop running on Cisco UCS Common Platform Architecture (CPA) for Big Data, enabling real-time analysis of Big Data, while radically simplifying the infras…


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Small Cells are Big Things in the Middle East

…ay six key messages from the conference on the future of mobility in the Middle East: Small Cells Are the Next Big Thing: Operators from large countries like Saudi Arabia to smaller countries like Qatar all wanted to learn how they could use small cells to help them cope with the huge traffic that they are experiencing on their mobile networks and to  improve mobile coverage, especially indoors and in heavily congested areas. Small Cells Are Not…


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Three Flavors of CMX Analytics: Onsite, Online & Social

Big data seems to be everywhere these days. Everywhere you look there are new companies and technologies that promise to crunch up enormous databases and instantly extract from them knowledge and understanding.  Although that sounds impressive, it raises the question – how can that help me and my business? How does fitting an N degree polynomial to a CRM database help me grow my business? At Cisco, we’ve taken a very practical approach to big da…


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