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What’s on your wish list this holiday season for your Connected Home?

Wouldn’t it be nice if all the devices, and technology, in your home worked better together?Here are some of my thoughts for your shopping list …Music -I like having music distributed throughout my home and having a single music library from which I can play my personal library or Internet radio content. Without requiring major home renovation, here’s a cool product that uses wireless mesh technology in your home to do just th…


The Gaming Explosion

In my last post, I explained how integrating IP and DWDM layers closer together helps providers to scale their core networks. Last week, the world’s largest computer festival got underway and proved the IPoDWDM technology’s ability to deliver on that promise. DreamHack Winter 2007 just ended at Ja¶nka¶ping in Sweden with around 10,000 attendees plugging their own computers to the network specially setup for the event. It’s focu…


Broadband : What is the right speed?

Policymakers around the world are questioning what is the minimum speed for a connection to be considered broadband. While speed is important, it is only one more element of many others that need to be considered such as, latency, bursting jitter, and symmetry.However, better than entering into a discussion of speed and all other elements, it seems more relevant to understand how consumers are looking to use broadband and the country’s dig…


What are some good areas to look at for I-Prize ideas?

Change creates opportunity. I think that looking at major changes in the world we live in can provide some interesting new market opportunities. There are two ways to capture a market: invent it or re-invent it. The first is actually harder than the second, since you have to educate your (potential) customers on why they need your product. Henry Ford (he of the automobile) once said that if he had asked his customers what they would have wanted,…


IMS or Web Services: is there a Debate? IMS in a World of Web-Based Applications

Although IMS has been around for the last 7 or so years and may not be the panacea originally proposed, it can’t be discounted in the world of IP. Several of our customers in US SP have announced plans to deploy IMS as it will be an important platform for voice as well as other SIP-based applications. At the same time, we see increasing development of new innovative applications that don’t use SIP, but would benefit from the capabil…