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Ready for Mobile World Congress Hot Topics

…op of the mind issues or challenges for Cisco have emerged; What are the Global trends in Traffic Demand? Cisco VNI forecasts 10x Mobile Data traffic growth over the next 5-years, nothing new there, but where that traffic growth is coming from has new implications. Smartphone penetrations start to saturate, but Video and M2M remain key growth drivers to watch. Also VoWiFi (Voice over Wifi) usage could exceed VoLTE by 2017 having real implications…


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2015: A Great Time to be a Service Provider!

…at Mobile World Congress this year will have even more exciting developments. The recently announced 2014 Cisco VNI Global Mobile Traffic Forecast states that more than 69% of the world’s population or 7.6 billion people will be mobile users by 2019 (up from 59% in 2014). Service providers sit at the center of these mobile connections as they do with the broader the Internet of Everything. The opportunities for service providers with the Internet…


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The Mobile Paradox – Why Are There Price Wars in a Time of Plenty?

…ful mobile devices, running countless of applications have transformed businesses and our personal lives. The insatiable demand for mobile devices and new bandwidth-hungry applications is generating enormous amounts of mobile data. The Cisco Visual Networking Index™ (Cisco VNI™) predicts that these trends will cause global mobile data traffic to increase 11-fold from 2013 to 2018, surpassing 15 exabytes per month by 2018. Operators continue to in…


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APAC leads Global mobile trends

The annual Cisco® Visual Networking Index (VNI) Global Mobile Data Forecast, just out, once again shows the phenomenal growth expected in the mobile industry, e.g. more than 5.2 billion global mobile users by 2019 and 10-fold mobile traffic growth over the next five years. See Thomas Barnett’s blog to learn more. For me the interest is to look into the APAC specific trends and the unique characteristics of this very diverse region. APAC av…


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VXLAN/EVPN: Standards based Overlay with Control-Plane

…ld offers 24-bits, thereby providing a much larger namespace with up to 16 Million Virtual Network Identifiers (VNIs) or segments.       While the VXLAN VNI allows unique identification of a large number of tenant segments which is especially useful in high-scale multi-tenant deployments, the problems and requirements of large Layer-2 Domains are not sufficiently addressed. However, significant improvements in the following areas…


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