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Bandwidth Alone Will Not Solve Branch Application Performance

…timated 77 billion apps will be downloaded. By 2015, two-thirds of the mobile data traffic will be video. [Cisco VNI, 2014] This type of growth is overwhelming our wide area networks. We have even seen schools who are using fiber – which they can afford thanks to e-rate programs – but still cannot keep up with the demands of thousands of students who may all access HD video at the same time. And while the pace of change continues to accelerate wi…


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The Momentum of 802.11ac Moves into the Real World

Wireless is enabling change everywhere. According to Cisco’s VNI Global Forecast, wireless traffic will bypass wired traffic 40% by the year 2017. This is evident by the way many organizations are using Wi-Fi technology.  Take healthcare providers as an example: many hospitals today rely on Wi-Fi to provide seamless clinician roaming, improved efficiency and patient care–not to mention patients’ relatives and friends who expect to connect…


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Mobile Cloud Accelerates the Pace of Change

As organizations seek ways to maintain real-time connections with their workforce and customers in an increasingly digital and mobile-centered world, the growth of mobile cloud will be a major force in shaping the business landscape and future tech decisions. This blog series will explore how the convergence of mobility and cloud will deliver unprecedented transformation for all organizations. This post will highlight the growth of mobile cloud…


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NTT Docomo Virtualizing the Mobile Packet Core with Cisco

Did you know in Japan, 90% of mobile phones are waterproof because youngsters use them even in the shower? Did you know that Japan consists of over 6,800 islands? Did you know Japan suffers 1,500 earthquakes every year. In Japan Mobile data traffic grew 92% in 2012 and 66% from 3Q 2012 to 3Q 2013, according to Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. According to the GSMA estimates for Machine-To-Machine (M2M), ten countries acco…


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2014 Cisco VNI Forecast: It’s not just about big numbers

…beyond their residential environments (via public hotspots). For more information and insights from the latest VNI study, I invite you to explore the following links: Watch Cisco’s VNI Forecast 2013-2018 webcast featuring key findings presented by Doug Webster, VP Service Provider Marketing at Cisco and a panel discussion moderated by Dr. Robert Pepper, Senior VP, Global Technology Policy. The Cisco VNI Forecast Highlights Tool provides…


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