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Top Five Mobility Trends CXOs Should Watch

…A top imperative being expressed by mobile service providers is to drive profitability by monetizing new opportunities. Mobile network operators’ business models are changing rapidly. The decline in voice traffic, loss of messaging, and competition to their data business from over-the-top (OTT) providers and alternative access networks such as Wi-Fi, means that they desperately need to find new ways to make money.  Industry leaders must ask,…


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10 Cool Mobile Apps from Cisco You Don’t Know But Should

…logy advances in healthcare through reports, relevant case studies, video and more. iOS 4+ Cisco VNI provides global, regional, and select country-level forecast projections and data based on Cisco’s Visual Networking Index (VNI) Forecasts. Cisco VNI Forecast data is updated annually and covers a five-year forecast period (currently 2012 –2017) focused on mobile and fixed IP network traffic growth, trends, and service adoption. Google 3.5…


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Our Data, Ourselves

…be sure to join the conversation – follow @CiscoCloud and use #CiscoCloud, or leave a comment below. Read some of our past stories of how cloud and The Human Face of Big Data are changing our personal and professional lives: Life in the Cloud Begins at Birth Lifestreaming in the Personal Cloud Era Healthcare in the Cloud: The Benefits of Analyzing Patient Data One Second in Baseball Brought To You By The Cloud Additional Resources: Cisco #VNI


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Service Provider Network Monetization and Innovative Service Offers

…mers to make and receive calls while travelling for the price of a normal mobile voice call. This tremendous mobile growth is also commensurate with growth happening on fixed network side as well.   As per the Cisco complete VNI forecast 2012-2017, by 2017, 48 percent of the global population will have internet access, there will be more than 19 billion devices and connections, average fixed broadband speed will increase 3.5-fold from 11.3 Mbps…


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Cisco ANZ Mobile VNI Forecast: Australia is a leader in 4G adoption

…ing Index released earlier this month and at a media event, yesterday, Cisco’s Dr. Robert Pepper, Vice President of Global Technology Policy, delivered the Australia and New Zealand specific findings. The Cisco Global Mobile VNI research is an ongoing initiative to predict global traffic growth which measures consumer and business mobile data traffic and its key drivers. The research paints an interesting picture of what 2018 is expected to look…