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Is Your Company Ready for the IoE Revolution?

…ssment. Cisco has drilled down on particular use cases and how they relate to the promise of IoE.  These include smart factories; connected marketing and advertising; smart grid; connected entertainment; smart buildings; connected vehicles; connected healthcare; and connected education. Find out how your currently dark assets align with potential use cases and IoE drivers. Some of your assets may fall into multiple use cases; regardless, the goal…


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The Smart City Council – Accelerating an Exciting Growth

…ecosystem partners. To the last point, I am proud to formally announce our involvement as a lead partner in the Smart Cities Council. Joining a host of other organizations in areas including smart energy, water and transportation, this group will serve as a key platform for promoting urban renewal projects. City leaders around the globe will be able to tap into this network and leverage it as a resource in building out a comprehensive roadmap fo…


Securing the Internet of Everything: An Introduction

…e architectural component of the IoT for three main reasons: • Data Collection: Centralized data collection and smart object management do not provide the scalability required by the Internet. Managing several hundreds of millions of sensors and actuators in a Smart Grid network, for example, cannot be done using a centralized approach. ▪ Network Resource Preservation : Network bandwidth may be scarce and collecting environmental data from a cen…


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Weird? Or Previously Unexplored?

…mail has been delivered, and recipients could see what is in their mailboxes without physically having to check. Smart grid – Imagine a world where electric vehicles dominate transportation. To ensure that enough power is supplied to vehicle charging stations during major events that attract large audiences, multiple devices must be connected, with the ability to communicate where to send that power. Take, for example, a concert or major sporting…


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Cloud for Local Government Global Blog Series, Cloud and the Smart City: It’s All Connected

…. Automated. Hands-off processes allow for greater cost efficiency. Secure. Layers of defense throughout a cloud grid will assure service reliability, prevent outages, and protect citizens. The result is an intelligent, integrated cloud infrastructure that is pivotal to a Smart City’s evolution. Some amazing technology advances are making it possible for complex systems to be managed—and self-managed—remotely and efficiently. A flood of recently…


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