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Smart Grid Progress in Russia

…n investment in Russia over the next decade to drive entrepreneurship, sustainable innovation and energy efficiency. The investment includes the development of a collaboration model with Russian business in verticals such as smart grid. So, what makes Russia ripe for smart grid transformation? As the world’s third largest consumer of energy, Russia’s energy infrastructure requires modernization, a fact that President Medvedev’s government is…


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“The Internet of Things” takes a step forward with new IPv6 routing protocol

…ject networks is the development of their own routing protocol, that was approved this month by the IETF.  Networks of IP-based smart objects can now be deployed to support a myriad of applications such as smart metering and smart grid networks, and to advance solutions for smart+connected communities. This is no longer a futuristic view thanks to the collaboration of a number of industrial partners and end users, including Cisco. For a number…


Partners are Going Green with Cisco’s Smart Grid Solutions

…ways for each of us as individuals to try and live a more green lifestyle in the hopes of turning the tide of global warming—whether driving less, or composting our trash—here at Cisco we have the Connected Grid portfolio of Smart Grid communications solutions, which can help utilities more reliably and efficiently deliver electric power from generation facilities to businesses and homes, resulting in better energy management, while also…


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Another Smart Hire for Cisco Smart Grid Team

In March of this year I was thrilled when Jeff Taft from Accenture joined Cisco’s Smart Grid team as the Global Smart Grid Architect.  As a 25 year veteran of the energy and technology sectors, I knew this globally recognized expert would help accelerate Cisco’s Smart Grid strategy. Today, I am equally excited about Paul De Martini joining the Cisco Smart Grid team as Chief Technology Officer.  Paul joins us from Southern…


Better City, Better Life: Cisco Showcases Smart+Connected Communities at World Expo 2010 in Shanghai

…sustainable cities of the future.  Some of the solutions being showcased include: personal TelePresence and green home control for the home, virtual classroom, virtual healthcare, smart travel station, connected bus and smart grid. It’s important to note of course that these are not just demos. Cisco Smart+Connected Communities are being built in places such as Incheon, Korea and the State of Colorado in the US. If you happen to be in…