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The Evolution of Networking Software

…internet of things – in almost every industry imaginable: manufacturing, public safety, education, health care, transportation, and more.   Many of those new IP-enabled networks have required software innovations to deliver capabilities similar to the proprietary networks the devices once communicated on. At the heart of all these innovations is a new breed of network software, one which is modernizing our business.   In this month’s Software Mag…


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An Enduring Commitment to Strengthening Cisco’s Communities

…slums by running four schools and a junior college. Sixteen hundred children receive free education as well as transportation, nutrition, and healthcare from kindergarten to Grade 12. Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina – Cisco Foundation awarded Central & Eastern North Carolina (CENC) a US$25,000 grant to support the Three Squares program, which connects low-income households with federal food and nutrition assistance benefi…


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Developing a new angle on an established relationship”

…ver partnered with openBerlin, a Cisco IoE Innovation Center, to conduct a rapid prototyping session to solve a transportation customer’s needs. ( What to look forward to during IDF Fresh off our Cisco Live success showcasing Fog computing, we are excited to participate in this year’s Intel Developer Forum. In collaboration with Intel, Cisco will be featuring a demo of its 829 Router…


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IoE and Managing Assets in Motion: Making Better, Smarter, Faster Organizations

…encourage you to check out my video where I talk about how these solutions are benefiting first responders and transportation customers where every second counts. Mobile Asset Management provides an incredible advantage in managing mobile assets and distributed workforces. This is the power of the IoE: immediate access to an incredible amount of information that generates unique and real-time insight from analytics. This is a key component in bu…


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…igital Citizen Wake up. Get ready for the day. Hurry up to…wait in traffic? According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, traffic congestion in the United States alone results in more than 4 billion hours of travel delay and nearly 3 billion gallons of gas used, at a cost of $80 billion a year. More than 25 percent of traffic congestion is non-recurrent, according to the Federal Highway Administration, meaning that in large part, it is caus…


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