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Cisco Kicking Goals with Telstra at Sydney’s ANZ Stadium

In the wake of the Sydney Roosters’ defeat over the Manly Sea Eagles in a classic NRL Grand Final at ANZ Stadium last Sunday, the venue has announced it will roll-out Cisco Connected Stadium Wi-Fi. This will see the iconic venue, the centrepiece of the Sydney 2000 Olympics, joining the likes of Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium in the UK and Eden Park in New Zealand as truly world class venues in terms of the Wi-Fi network available to patrons….


Sports & Entertainment, the Internet of Things, and the Internet of Everything

…, fans, and the stadium. Looking back, it’s incredible to see how far this industry has come in such a short period of time, and how Cisco has been a true market maker – through the ongoing innovation in the custom Connected Stadium platform, StadiumVision, Connected Stadium Wi-Fi and now StadiumVision Mobile. Cisco has driven the fan experience forward, and now more than 150 venues (large and small) in more than 30 countries are using our…


Historic Sports Precinct in Sydney, Australia Leaps into the Future with Cisco

…e choosing the couch over the stadium due to the media-rich experience it offers, with live statistics and interactive replays the norm. The Sydney Cricket Ground Trust, which oversees the SCG as well as neighbouring Allianz Stadium (Sydney Football Stadium), today announced its decision to make two of Australia’s most iconic sports venues Australia’s most technically advanced and fan friendly stadia with the Cisco Connected Stadium Wi-Fi…


Failure is not an Option! Real Madrid & Cisco Continue to Innovate and Partner for a Winning Formula

…ress the continually evolving need for fans and members to connect with the Club through technology.  Together we innovated, designed, and transformed the fan experience through key Cisco solutions – StadiumVision, Connected Stadium Wi-Fi , and StadiumVision Mobile – to enable the most interactive “live” experience in the world. I have been working with Enrique and his team to make some key decisions that align back to his vision of how…


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Connect This With That: What Is Next?

…hind the connections of today and tomorrow. On IoE, it’s possible for any two seemingly unconnected items to work together, creating a new reality for our world’s inhabitants. Imagine, as you pull in for a football game, the stadium automatically sends information to your car about where the best parking is located. As you enter the game, your wallet then talks to the admissions booth, so no tickets are required. What else is possible? For…


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