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What the Exponential Power of the #InternetOfEverything Means for Smart Connected Cities

…and the explosion of big data, cloud and mobile devices change our landscape, it’s important to emphasize that a connected life is more than just smart appliances. As more things, people, and data become connected, the power of the Internet (essentially a network of networks) grows exponentially. This is what we call the Internet of Everything (IoE) – the network effect of bringing together people, process, data and things—to create better social…


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#SmartConnectedCity Series: Tackling City Challenges and Creating Opportunity with IoE and Smart+Connected Communities

…on of that dedicated just to public-sector activities to be $4.6 trillion. Big Opportunities for Cities that Get Smart Cisco’s Smart+Connected Communities (S+CC) initiative applies the power of IoE to the problems faced by cities. We’ve crafted a set of architectures and a growing portfolio of solutions to allow cities to gather relevant data, analyze it, process it, share it and deliver it to the right people, places, and things to make things…


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Cisco #SmartConnectedCity Series Kick-Off: Re-Defining the Citizen Experience through Technology and IoE

…combining people, process and technology with connected devices, sensors and other machines. IoE can help create smart, more connected, more efficient government agencies and cities that deliver better, faster, real-time services ; and with the increased pressures today’s local governments are facing, this is more important than ever. A great example of a city out there right now embracing IoE through a Smart+Connected Communities framework is…


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Copenhagen Gets Greener with the Internet of Everything

…y grids and citizens. The vision of leaders in Copenhagen’s municipality and urban districts are bold, and their Smart City ambitions are infectious. I dare say that within a few years, the Smart City projects currently planned here will serve as global best practices for other cities to replicate in improving quality of life. Isn’t that the ultimate objective anyway? Copenhagen now joins the Internet of Everything digital revolution sparked by o…


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Parking Gets IoE Smart

…at video feed, a wired fiber or Ethernet connection–optimized for the particular network set up–is required. A smart combination By bringing together cutting-edge technologies with expertise and creativity, Cisco and its partners are serving up an end-to-end architecture that can make a real impact on the day-to-day challenges that cities face today. See a demo of Smart+Connected City Parking at Cisco Live San Francisco May 18 — 22! For inform…


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