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Our Ecosystem Begins Here @Ciscocloud

As Cisco prepares for Cisco Live Melbourne #clmel, I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight our @Ciscocloud Intercloud partnership with Telstra The following Q&A session between executives of our partnered companies identifies the unique challenges of our current business environment and the rapidly changing needs of our customers. Interviewed by Stuart Robbins, the participants in our inaugural blog are Ken Owens, Cloud Services CTO f…


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Fog Computing Becomes Clearer with Cisco IOx Solution

…lumbia, which first introduced smart meters in 2011. The plan there is to expand the migration of all meters to IPv6 and therefore create one of the largest IoT sensor deployments in the industry. Already, BC Hydro manages approximately 1 billion data points per day. If you’d like to know more about what happened at DistribuTECH, check out our other videos on the Cisco Energy You Tube Channel. If you’d like to know more about what&#82…


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OpenStack Summit Vancouver: Cast Your Votes Today!

…rk overview and use cases Addressing DHCP and DNS Scalability: A dnsmasq Alternative Complex scenario tests for IPv6 The State of IPv6: Are We There Yet? Cloud VPNs in OpenStack Neutron mitosis and the L4-7 services roadmaps Providing Rich Network Services in a Federated OpenStack Public Cloud A new IPv6 based approach for simple, transparent, scalable OpenStack Networks NFV Workloads on Trusted Cloud Infrastructure OpenStack for NFV – A de…


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IoT, The Oppressed Project

…paranoid people are about their connected devices and appliances. Why paranoid? The future Internet will be an IPv6 network interconnecting traditional computers and a large number of smart objects or networks such as Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). By 2020 there will be over 26 Billion connected devices and some estimate this number to be more than 100 Billion connected devices. This includes mobile phones, Smart TVs, washing machines, wearabl…


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Cisco Live Milano……..IPv6, Spaghetti and Innovation

…ive Zoo“.  My major “personal stake” is as the “co Session Group Manager” for the IPv6.  This means that (together with my colleague Eric Vyncke) we are jointly responsible for all “IPv6 Content” which includes Breakout presentations, Technical Seminars, show infrastructure and the World of Solutions exhibition floor.  This year our breakout sessions have reached over 1600 attendees and the feedback we ar…


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