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ITD: Intelligent Traffic Director

Data traffic has grown dramatically in the recent years, leading to increased deployment of network service appliances and servers in enterprise, data center, and cloud environments. To address the corresponding business needs, network switch and router architecture has evolved to support multi-terabit capacity. However, service appliance and server capacity remained limited to a few gigabits, far below switch capacity. ITD (Intelligent Traffic…


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Scaling the Internet with 6500 Switches Ternary Content Addressable Memory(TCAM) Customization

…ernet Routing Table exceeding 512K Problem The default numbers for PFC3BXL/PFC3CXL are 512k IPv4 routes and 256k IPv6 routes. These numbers can be increased to 1M or 768K IPv4 routes if you enter mls cef maximum-routes ip|ipv6 [] and reload. But, you cannot achieve both 1M IPv4 AND 512k IPv6 routes at the same time. If you increase the IPv4 TCAM size above the default value, it automatically takes up the IPv6 space and vice versa. 6500(config)#ml…


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Have Global IPv6 Deployments Really Slowed Down?

For those that are not closely involved with IPv6, it may seem like the emphasis on migration to the new addressing scheme is waning. But while the hue and cry over IPv6 may appear to have quieted down to a background noise since 2010-2011; a closer inspection would prove that perception to be quite false. What is IPv6 and why does it even matter? Simply put, when a device is on the Internet, it has its own specific address that it uses to commu…


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The Summer Blockbuster You’ve Been Waiting For: Cisco Wireless Release 8.0

…he problematic clients with weak RF links (sticky clients) and enable efficient load balancing across access. IPv6 infrastructure support allows IT administrators the ability to configure the entire WLAN infrastructure with IPv6 addresses and enable the communication between the Wireless Controller and AP, Prime Infrastructure, Radius Server and Mobility Services Engine using IPv6 throughout the network. Granular per user and per device polic…


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Global Internet Routing Table Reaches 512k Milestone

Written by Omar Santos, Incident Manager, Cisco Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) Security Research and Operations Since the early 1990s, we’ve watched as the number of entries on the Internet routing table has steadily grown. In 2008 the table reached 256,000 routes, triggering action by network administrators to ensure the continued growth of the Internet. Today we know that another significant milestone has been reached, as we o…


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