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The March of the IPv6 Internet

…44.470 that are announcing IPv6 prefixes right now. Source: Looking at these important statistics per region are educating us that nearly 20% of the networks in Asia and Europe are IPv6 capable. Source: It is not debatable to believe we have passed a tipping point regarding IPv6 adoption by networks. Looking at the number of Local Internet Registry (LIR) we…


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Happy First Birthday, World IPv6 Launch!”>hanging

…Enterprises and Content providers across the world, stitching together a new Internet infrastructure. Fit Google’s global IPv6 deployment data to a logistic curve of technology adoption, and the 50% tipping point where IPv6 takes over IPv4 is only 5 years away. IPv6 is not only important to the Internet of today, it is critical to the Internet of Everything to come. Working on IPv6 over the past several years has been exciting and…


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Demystifying IPv6”

…s efficient. This is where we are with the Internet today—IPv4 is still working, but we need a new chessboard (IPv6), so to speak, if we want the Internet to continue growing and functioning as we expect it should. 4. Why is IPv6 important for IoE? IPv6 brings us a much, much larger playing field on which to efficiently operate. In the case of IoE, IPv6 allows for a nearly limitless number of IP addresses, which will be required to connect the…


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Ignore the Mouse – Get Your IPv6 Learn On at Cisco Live Orlando 2013

…ll also feature as a significant part of the IPv6 technologies that we will be showcasing at our annual customer convention. Cisco Live 2013 Orlando will be with us in just under two months from now. If you are interested in IPv6 and IPv6 developments the great news is that there will be an unprecedented opportunity to learn from your peers at this years event. We have over 50 sessions in Orlando with some IPv6 content included and fourteen IPv6


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World IPv6 Congress – “The Buzz“”

…co Network Operating Systems Technology Group The World IPv6  MPLS / Ethernet / SDN World Congress events wrapped up recently with over 500 industry specialists in attendance, including myself. For 3 days the buzz was on how IPv6 has advanced since last year’s World IPv6 Launch to become reality. Day One focused on Mobile, Day Two on Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Home networking and emerging Cloud and Core applications of IPv6 and Day Three…


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