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Creating an Out of this World Online Gaming Experience with a Cisco Network

Online gaming is big business. In fact, according to Strategy Analytics, the mass multiplayer online (MMO) game industry is estimated to be a US $8 billion dollar industry by 2014. To be successful in this market, game developers must push the envelope, creating extraordinarily detailed game worlds and more realistic game play. Sluggish rendering and slow response times are the enemy. The network acts as the beachhead in ensuring a stellar game…


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Personalizing VNI Service Adoption Forecast Research

…tion Forecast.  This research predicts the future worldwide end user adoption for 27 services across residential, mobile and business categories. These services range from SMS, mobile banking, location-based services, online gaming, consumer VoIP, mobile video, and many more. While this makes for interesting predictions on where technology will take us, it only generated more questions in my mind. When I first became aware of this research, I…


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The Eye in The Sky is Watching us All

…is highly personalized. Recently I had the opportunity to get a glimpse into what it takes for a company to offer gaming enthusiasts like myself a variety of options. Tatts Group is the leading provider of neighborhood-based gaming services in Australia. The company operates and monitors gaming machines, conducts wagering and sports betting, and supplies jackpot and other services throughout the region. What made Tatts Group stand out to me was…


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Win the War on Buffering

…ices.  By setting your device or game console to the number one priority, you are ensured a great streaming and gaming experience.  Here’s a great link that will show you how to set up QOS on your Linksys router Upgrade your Gaming Consoles Wireless Adapter: If online gaming is your thing, and you are experiencing serious lag while playing, it’s likely that your console (Xbox or PS3) has an older wireless adapter/Gaming Adapter/Wireless Bridge…


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Building a Bulletproof Cisco Network for Online Gaming

In the world of online gaming, the network is everything. Suffice it to say, choppy game play, slow frame rates, and lackluster response times are never an option. That’s why Seattle-based En Masse Entertainment turned to Cisco partner MTM Technologies to build a network infrastructure to support its game TERA. Massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) TERA features rich and detailed graphics in a fantasy universe. The…