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Statement of Dan Lang on Nomination of Daniel Marti as U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator

…U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator.  I welcome this nomination to this critical role in protecting American intellectual property and our innovation economy.   A thoughtful and balanced approach is needed to both deter copying of American innovation and prevent financial opportunists from gaming the system.   We expect that Mr. Marti, when confirmed, will be a champion of a balanced and effective intellectual property system….


Customer Care Enters the 21st Century

…e you are standing in a store to direct you to that thingy to stop a dripping faucet or connect your TV to your gaming device? These are just a few examples of how leading businesses are improving the customer experience. No waiting, no guessing why you’re calling, no wandering the aisles looking for that thingy – just great service with satisfying outcomes for your customers. Loyal customers, who will not only come back and do business with you…


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Staying Connected at Northern Kentucky University”>Bonjour

…coming 8.0 release for the ability to apply a VLAN to the Ethernet ports so students can connect a printer or a gaming system in to that Access Point. The Primary and Standby WiSM2 blades are deployed in different Catalyst 6K chassis to have complete redundancy using Client Stateful Switch-Over. This ensures that even if one building is down, the network is fully available. NKU is rolling 802.11ac out with Access Point Models 3700 in the high cli…


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Cisco: Multi-DRM (Digital Rights Management) Done Right

…tent on a myriad of devices. No longer are viewers tied to the living room — they can enjoy content on tablets, gaming consoles, mobile devices, and new technologies emerging every day. All of this content is protected by several different Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems, which control the access to copyrighted material. Different types of content and devices may require building and maintaining unique DRM solutions comprised of encryptin…


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Our Week as Video Broadcasters: 5 Insights

…test on PCs (29 minutes), followed by tablets (12 minutes) and phones (8 minutes). There was a single view on a gaming console that lasted 28 minutes. Video needs to be purpose-built. Personalization is key to increase engagement opportunities. Video is no different. It needs to create mutual value between the viewer and the business. Video needs to be a priority. Partnerships and prioritization across IT, user experience, digital strategy, analy…


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