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How Cisco Helped Solutionary Boost Security and Improve their Hadoop Performance

Every day, security threats continue to evolve, as cyber attackers continue to exploit gaps in basic security controls. In fact, the federal government alone has experienced a 680% increase in cyber security breaches in the past six years, and cybersecurity attacks against the US average 117 per day. Globally, the estimated annual cost of cybercrime is over $100 billion. Often, even when security breaches are identified, it can be extremely…


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#EngineersUnplugged S5|Ep13: Big Data on Cisco UCS

In this week’s episode, Robert Novak (@gallifreyan) and Steve McQuerry (@smcquerry) talk about Big Data on UCS. Real world use cases including UCS Manager, UCS Central, and more. Big Data, Big Unicorn, courtesy of Robert Novak and Steve McQuerry This is Engineers Unplugged, where technologists talk to each other the way they know best, with a whiteboard. The rules are simple: Episodes will publish weekly (or as close to it as we can…


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Cisco UCS PowerTool Scripting Contest – Winners Announced

…g zero experience, writing a script that fully configured an environment from scratch, following all best practices developed jointly by Cisco and Citrix.” The true power of the tool was shown by scripts that integrated with UCS Central, NetApp storage, Microsoft SQL, and LDAP. So who were the winners? Joshua Barton was the grand prize winner for his UCS Backup script and was also an intermediate prize winner. The other intermediate prize…


Cisco UCS and ACI Infrastructure Innovations for Big Data at Hadoop Summit

Big Data remains one of the hottest topics in the industry due to the actual dollar value that businesses are deriving from making sense from tons of structured and unstructured data.  Virtually every field is leveraging a data-driven strategy as people, process, data and things are increasing being connected (Internet of Everything). New tools and techniques are being developed that can mine vast stores of data to inform decision making in…


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Cisco’s Data Center and Cloud Management Software at Cisco Live San Francisco #CLUS

…lity and other use cases. See below for some of the demos that will be featuring these and other Cisco data center management software products: Cisco Data Center and Cloud booth  ·   Cisco UCS Advantage with UCS Manager and UCS Central ·   Cisco UCS solutions with UCS Director ·   Cloud Management with Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud (IAC) ·   Cisco UCS Solutions for Big Data – including Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler ·   Dynamic…


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