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Critical Path and “What if?” Analytics for Enterprise Job Scheduling – get your Big Data in the right place before you make a resume impacting decision

…e-move-to-cloud/ I discussed the basic uses of automating and scheduling batch workloads.  Business intelligent, data warehousing and Big Data initiatives need to aggregate data from different sources and load them into very large data warehouses. Let’s look into the life of the administrator and operations of a workload automation tool.  The typical Enterprise may have thousands if not ten thousands of job definitions.  Those are individual jobs…


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Virtual LANs Can Offer Big Benefits for Small Businesses

…afe guest network that separates guest users’ traffic from company network assets Group employees using the same data-intensive applications, such as voice-over-IP (VoIP) phones Restrict access to highly sensitive data by separating financial and HR employees, for example,  from the rest of the network You can use VLANs to improve network security by, essentially, putting all sensitive traffic and the users who have access to it on a separate ne…


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A Big Game “First” For Fans of the Super Bowl

…ustrated in their inability to connect. Cellular networks were never designed to be reliable for calls, text and data when 70,000 people attempt to use their devices in the same spot for the same reasons. A Tipping Point The NFL is a leading indicator of change. It is at the forefront of delivering the best in entertainment experiences for fans, most specifically at the Super Bowl, one of the biggest sporting events in the world. With the NFL rec…


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Openstack, Big Data and Cisco Cloud Software at Cloud Connect Next Week

…demo, is that a) any cloud resource can be tracked, and b) made visible in the portal through its own portlet. Big Data Hadoop on Cisco We will be also be talking up Cisco for Hadoop and Big Data solutions. We have a great story on our hardware, and this is now getting extended to our software stack as well.  Cisco is already a leader in workload automation for business process management. We’ll be talking about how we are extending this…


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UK Start-ups Get Set for the BIG Awards

…innovation and her perspectives on some global mega-trends that relate to the competition categories, including Big Data, Internet of Things and Future Cities. The audience was also treated to some entertaining, fast-paced and insightful pecha kuchas (presentations of 20 slides in 6 minutes). Among the partners and customers supporting the BIG Awards are PR firm Octopus Communications, marketing agency DNX, city legal firm Bird & Bird and in…


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