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The Internet of Everything: Where Technology and Innovation Meet To Make the World a Better Place

…just a few things I can imagine: Better supply of food: Sensors all along the food supply chain, together with Big Data analytics and the intelligence of the cloud, will help us optimize the delivery of food from “farm to fork.” Sensors in the field will be combined with weather forecasts and other data to trigger irrigation and harvest times for each crop. And sensors on the food itself will alert merchants and consumers about when the “sell by…


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Cisco IT Streamlines Big Data Operations with Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler

Like many IT organizations, Cisco’s internal IT department is deploying Big Data solutions to mine the ever-increasing data in-flow from a wide range of sources – and thus gain competitive advantage and insights. The typical environment includes an ecosystem of different tools and data sources that looks something like this (image courtesy of @TorstenVolk): Source: EMA Research Cisco IT realized that as the demand for analysis of this data incr…


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Big Business from Big Data

…esses and increase productivity, businesses reduce costs and improve the bottom line. Leveraging analytics and Big Data will transform the way companies interact with their customers and how they use their assets. Picture yourself: As a consumer—Would you like to receive truly relevant and personally tailored offers, proactively delivered to you at the moment when you are considering how to fulfill a burning need? As a company—Would you like to…


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Cisco and the Big Energy Dilemma

…isco announced the acquisition of JouleX – a leader in enterprise IT energy management for network-attached and data center assets and a key complementary component to Cisco’s energy portfolio via the EnergyWise offering. We saw that the market for energy management is a growing one, particularly with IT pushing 25-80% of enterprise energy consumption. This has been driven by everything from corporate citizenship and competitive pressures to incr…


Big Picture Thinking Makes Tactics Easier

In order to provide important services and innovations that better align to business, data centers must deploy advancecd IT architectures. Who says? IDC. In fact, this month they reported that adoption of integrated systems has moved from evaluation to mainstream. And yet IT remains besieged. What is the essence of the problem? Traditional management tools. While the conversation with IT professionals at all levels is about improving data cente…


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