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Virtual in the Cloud? Cinematic quality 3D rendering in a browser? For real?

…and what not I can’t help but wonder does this signal the beginning of the end for all those walled garden gaming consoles? Could I really be looking at reducing my power draw, and I mean significantly so, in the near future by reducing the stack of gaming machines I have to just the single PC? Now before you folks reading this get all crazy, I realize the PC takes up more power than my Wii and is comparable to my XBOX 360 and PS3 when comp…


Sony and Microsoft Include Online Movie Rental Feature in Gaming Consoles

…cast. Check out this video produced by CNet, “How to watch Netflix movies on your Xbox 360.” The gaming industry’s willingness to adapt to the rising trends of the consumer, makes me confident that a true integration of social networking and video may soon be enabled via gaming consoles. For example, Marc Whitten, General Manager of XBox Live, writes about new features of the XBox 360 in a direct letter to members, “We…


Data Trends: Yotta?

When I speak with customers or at conferences, I often speak about data trends and applications as input to dimensioning a service and network. These data are being transmitted over a network; and, this fact highlights Cisco’s”Network as the Platform.” Three trends are converging today:1. Entertainment content is collapsing onto a common, digital source Music, film and print are all now just a string of O’s and 1′s….


Take the Cisco Live in Second Life Packet Sort Collaboration Challenge

The Cisco Live in Second Life collaboration hub is now LIVE. The hub features a collaborative ‘packet sort’ game, a video vault, the Cisco view-matic, Cisco Live Twitter wall and the Cisco Live chill zone with in world store. Join a couple of friends in world now and take the ‘packet sort’ challenge. All gamers can get a prize after playing at the Cisco Live in world store. The top scores as of June 28th will get special…


Cisco Live in Second Life

Last year we worked to extend our Cisco Live (formerly known as Networkers) conference into Second Life via on-demand video of some of the keynotes and panel discussions from the physical event as well as unique Q&A’s within Second Life on topics as varied as Data Center 3.0 and Digital Media and the Consumer. The feedback was positive from the in world attendees and a physical conference attendee submitted a challenge to take it even…