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Cisco Edge Quest Tournament of Aces : Can you handle it?

Hi. Cisco ASR Edge Master Webster here. I’m pleased to be officially announcing the Cisco Edge Quest Tournament of Aces. Thousands have played Cisco Edge Quest, an online game we introduced when we launched the new Cisco ASR 1000 Series Routers, the world’s most powerful compact router. In the game, players maneuver a hypercraft modeled after the router through various levels and increasingly use its capabilities to defend the n…


Top 20 Reasons”¦You know you’re an Internet Addict

In advance of our recent Cisco ASR launch in which we embraced a whole range of Web 2.0 vehicles, we thought that creating a Facebook group to bring about a community of like-minded folks around technology was only appropriate. Our hope was that the group would gain traction not so much to market to but rather to learn from and frankly just as a forum where we can have some fun, too. Fortunately, things turned out just that way -while the Cisc…


Gaming Routers and Switches

…Werdna?) to establish a lineage…) I was reading a question today about ‘What is the Best Router for Gaming’???This is a very good question, but there are two sides to it! Sure, from home I would advocate something like a Linksys WRT54G or newer 11N radio. But what about on the hosting side of things!?!?!?!? A gaming company (of course to remain nameless) commented to me that the Cisco Nexus 7000 would be ideal for their serv…


Large Scale Data Centers

Microsoft was quoted in this article by TechTarget where they discussed many interesting factors about how to design, build, and operate large-scale data centers. I especially liked the reality check that governments wil regulate this and we will need to offer greater visibility and transparency into IT operations if we are going to accurately account for carbon credits and such.Also there is really no way to accurately measure ‘good work…


Gaming, Alternate Reality, the Metaverse and Emoting Avatars

For those of you who missed Harvard Business Review’s ‘Breakthrough Ideas for 2008′ in February, they managed to aggregate four very salient articles around the ‘gamer disposition’, Alternate Reality games (ARGs)in the workplace, the emerging ‘metaverse’, and the future of emoting avatars. Here is the link. Combined, they present an excellent leading-indicator of the future of the virtual workspace. Be…