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Big Data is Just the Beginning: Cisco Connected World Technology Report

…essionals in 18 countries across a broad range of industries to share their views on the potential challenges of Big Data and beyond. In a previous post , I discussed the evolution of Big Data and the importance of extracting value out of Data in Motion to create new  applications that matter here and now, in real-time. ( Beyond Big Data : Mastering Data in Motion for Positive Business Impact) Just as the Internet of Everything is bringing togeth…


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How Big Data Will Save the Physical Store

…ates opportunities for retailers to continue to make the store shopping experience both relevant and compelling. Big Data in the store is key to achieving this. Big Data represents a convergence of emerging technologies that are creating vast new streams of information—along with the means to analyze them with near- or real-time efficiency. Though the torrent of raw information can seem overwhelming, once it is filtered and processed for its cru…


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Big Data in Retailing: Follow the Money!

Retailers looking at the Big Data opportunity may well find themselves with an array of choices: the opportunities seem so vast, where does one begin? Well, a pragmatic way forward is to focus on some pragmatic possibilities and then “follow the money”! In examining the Big Data opportunity for retailers, Cisco IBSG has identified three key areas where we believe value can be generated through Big Data analytics – and we have put together a fram…


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Building on Success: Cisco and Intel Expand Partnership to Big Data

…inance, retail, service provider, content management and government. Unique to this architecture is the seamless data integration and management integration capabilities between big data applications and enterprise applications such as Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, SAP and others, as shown below: The current version of the CPA offers two options depending on use case: Performance optimized — offers balanced compute power with I/O band…


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Cisco and Intel Extend Relationship into Big Data

Today Paul Perez, Vice President and CTO of Cisco’s Data Center Group joined on stage downtown San Francisco Boyd A. Davis, Intel Architecture Group Vice President and GM, Data Center Software Division  to announce a proposed  extension of the alliance between Cisco and Intel into Big Data . Over the past months, our readers had the opportunity to appreciate the growing investment of Cisco in this market frequently articulated by our experts Rag…


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