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Supersizing Your Small Business

Look around at most tech news lately and you’ll find four consistent trends: Cloud, Mobility, Social Media, and Big Data. Talk to analysts and you find that those four actually break into pairs: Cloud and Mobility; Social Media and Big Data. And what becomes apparent is that each second half of the pairs is responsible for accelerating the combination of the two. Essentially, mobility has sparked the cloud imperative and the cloud has given mobi…


Big Data: Coming Soon to Your Doctor’s Examining Room – Part 2

…cutive Vice President and CTO for CareCore National, LLC. CareCore’s private cloud is based on the Cisco Unified Data Center. This is part 2 of Bill Moore’s blog focused on Big Data in the healthcare industry. Read part 1 and related blog, “It’s a Boy!” In part 1 of my blog I proposed that the cloud is succeeding in enabling new healthcare models where the original electronic medical records (EMRs) vision stalled. The reason is that the cloud h…


Cisco UCS Ecosystem for Oracle: Extend Support to Big Data and Oracle NoSQL Database

…aborative software development and the scale and economics of hardware infrastructure. These technologies enable data storage, management and analysis in ways that were not possible before with traditional technologies such as relational database management systems, in a cost-effective manner. NoSQL is one such technology that has emerged as an increasingly important part of big data trends for applications that demand large volumes of simple rea…


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Big Data: Coming Soon to Your Doctor’s Examining Room – Part 1

…incentive to create standards and unifying protocols. And the lack of protocols prevented meaningful sharing of data. Even if some of your healthcare providers do use EMRs, it’s rare that all of your providers can see yours. Connecting EMRs among more than a handful of physician practices is not technically feasible, nor is it appropriate. Enter the Cloud and Big Data Today, the cloud and new analysis tools are succeeding where the original EMR…


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UCS: new innovations in systems management, high performance virtual I/O and server technology

Please don your data center propeller hats and follow me for a tour of third generation fabric computing.  To zoom out to the big picture of what all this new technology means, please take a look at this earlier post. On the management front we have two new things to talk about: 1)      Freeing the server administrators from the tyranny of sheet metal.  UCS manager delivers total administrative parity across server form factors, and now supports…


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