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Gaming and Education

As anyone who has read more than one of my blog posts knows, I am an avid gamer…not very good mind you but I love it. At Cisco we have an internal email alias that folks can subscribe to if they are interested in virtual worlds, 3D environments and of course games. The other day an interesting article was sent along regarding World of Warcraft (WoW) being used to get children engaged with education. The forwarder, Steve Hall a Network Cons…


Breaking Down The Walled Garden

New bundling strategies are not the only way Service Providers are re-inventing their business models. For mobile operators, a number of recent events and trends are conspiring to change forever the landscape of their “Å“walled gardens” and causing them to dramatically expand their horizons in search of new sources of revenue.The 700Mhz spectrum auction earlier this year and the imminent release of the T-Mobile G1 Android-enabled phon…


Virtual Cornucopia this Weekend with Burning Life and Warhammer

Someone asked me at the last TechChat if I only participate in virtual environments for business reasons. It made me pause because I have found myself getting away from exploring purely for personal fulfillment since I spend more and more of my time in virtual environments for professional reasons now, all though I must admit that sometimes personal and professional can get blurry when you love your gig. That being said if you are into gaming, c…


Up Skill’ Education Puts the E Back in Effect

The education effect of Web 2.0 is creating many ground breaking initiatives in the rapidly growing Virtual World of Second Life. The premier media academy down under, The Australian Film TV and Radio School (AFTRS) offers the only diploma courses in the real world that explore the link between games or virtual worlds and the cinematic story. There expertise in computer animation and interactive writing has been coupled with their experience of…


Outstanding Innovators Under 35: Sundar Iyer

An engineer on Cisco’s data center team, Sundar Iyer, was recently recognized by Technology Review Magazine as an outstanding innovator under the age of 35 for his work on scaling router performance, a topic he first began exploring while an doctoral student at Stanford University. So what problem does Sundar’s work address? With the growth in real-time applications such as voice, video, distributed computing and gaming, there̵…