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The Future is Here….The Virtual World for Large Meetings!

…event.In summary, I think we have gotten a glimpse of the future over the last few days. Virtual reality is an extremely effective medium that will change how large meetings are done. If they add a virtual bar on the next version then I think it will be almost perfect. Carlos– Stay tuned because Cisco’s annual sales meeting is also going virtual and it’s going to bring together 16,000 people …and add gaming to the mix….


Digital Media Conference Season”

…Francisco. Unfortunately, there was a lot on my work plate at the time of this premiere conference for digital gaming businesses, I couldn’t make any panels during the day. Several gaming companies hosted evening events, including Zynga. Zynga designs game experiences that leverage social networks like Facebook as the platform for game play and a way connect with your fellow gamers. I also attended a Game Developers Conference event for a…


What is a Home Network?

…f your devices to connect to each other. This lets you copy files from one computer to another in the home, print to a single printer from multiple computers, and more.Of course, once you have a home network installed, there are many other things you can do with it, like on-line gaming, digital movie rentals, media sharing with friends and family, listen to your digital music anywhere in the home — the list goes on, and expands every day….


Broadband Gaming is On the Way

…es to PCs and TVs without the need for a dedicated console. This was interesting for a few reasons. First, the gaming industry has been on fire recently. While the rest of CE industry has followed the downward trajectory of the global economy, gaming has bucked the trend fueled by the rise of the staycation and the Wii’s popularity with casual gamers. Secondly, while music has been disrupted by broadband and video is in the process of bein…


Building a Better Blade Server – Network Style….

…ices, toner, people, switches, servers, cables, people, storage, printers, monitors, proprietary Unix, people, gaming machines, photo printing, people, calculators and even paper (did I mention people…). In the data center, as in other areas of networking, we are focused on interoperability, standards, and going to market with a broad array of best-of-breed partnerships. Sure one company can try to own all of it, and everyone has some g…