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Trade a cell phone for a loaf of bread?

OK, it’s a little bit of gallows humor, but the idea is somewhat thought-provoking. Is technology now so embedded in the way we consumers go about our lives that we’d give up other more basic needs to get and keep it? What a difference a year makes…last Christmas, I shared some ideas for your holiday shopping, and the list was long and somewhat extravagant. 2008 brought a whole new host of gadgets and services into our lives,…


Faster Internet: What I Did on My Winter Vacation

You may have read Monique Morrow’s posting in late December about A Faster Internet for 2009. Something to keep in mind also is that some of the slowness you perceive in Internet performance may in fact be related to the network within your home, especially if you have wireless. So, even though a faster Internet is on the near horizon, there are some things you can do right now to make your home wireless Internet experience impressively fa…


Cisco at CES”>Lifecasting

The Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas is just around the corner and Cisco will be there with exciting announcements. Cisco at CES? Cisco is often called a networking giant, though in the last few years the company has made its way into consumer homes through acquisitions like Scientific Atlanta, a set-top box manufacturer, and Linksys, a home networking company. As you can see from watching the Digital Cribs webisodes, Cisco is all about helpin…


Want Video? Ask Cisco.

Today, we introduced some new technologies and solutions that will enable networks to be optimized for a new generation of video and rich media applications and services. This new class of technologies is designed to enable advanced communications, collaboration and entertainment experiences through video- and rich media-optimized service provider, business, and home networks, known as”medianets.””Ε“The Internet and IP networks…


Mobility Trends in Higher Education

Welcome to the kickoff of our new video series that will share the trends we’re seeing in vertical markets and how mobility is addressing those developments. In this video, Dr. Tracey Wilen-Daugenti, Cisco’s higher education practice lead and Chris Kozup, senior manager of mobility solutions, discuss mobility trends at higher education campuses with three groups in mind – students, faculty and administration staff. These mobili…