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Cisco Global Sales Meeting Uses Gaming for Engagement

…live meetings. My mind is speeding from one crazy thought to another thinking of the implications.  Will gaming be the platform of the future for learning?  Will the clues and interactivity make it into primetime shows where the audience hunts for clues and solves the puzzles?  Will virtual meetings become commonplace for all businesses?  More questions than answers. I hope you stay tuned to this blog where I’ll provi…


The Network is the Platform for Connected Experiences

…nnected to the network, or the internet. The network is the platform for our connected experiences via handheld gaming devices, such as PSP or the iPhone Touch, smart phones, FLIP video camcorders , etc. The best thing about the connectivity of a global network has to be its reach. I spoke with someone last night who noted that, when he was a ten-year-old, unlike his son, did not have the luxury of meeting and playing video games with a friend wh…


Twitter Account Intrusions Highlight Password Recovery Weaknesses

…between what users believe to be private and the mechanisms to discern legitimate users from pretenders who are gaming the password recovery system. Relying on secret question password recovery schemes opens up an easy avenue of exploitation for hackers who know some personal details, as Croll demonstrated. The hack follows other high profile intrusions also leveraging the use of password recovery mechanisms.The compromise also brings to light…


Virtual, Your Way

…avigational element 3rd Party Integration — Able to easily integrate with third parties for registration, gaming and more Always On — Accessible at any time and from any where with an internet connection Virtual WORLD based platform — we use Second Life for virtual world programming for many reasons including: Audience — We started in Second Life because there was all ready a Cisco user group in world before we had establ…


Choosing the Right Home Network for you!

…u as it greatly simplifies the setup process.• Connecting additional devices, such as set top boxes or gaming systems to the network can be made easier with products like Powerline and Ethernet Bridges. Both of these technologies enable network connections to be made in portions of the home that may not be near your router.• If your home network is going to be in a highly populated area, such as a large city or apartment buildin…