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Cisco CMX @ NRF 2014

…Matters”, “Analyze Decide”, “Mobilize”, “Mobility solutions”, “Big data”, “Customer engagement”, “Adaptive offers”, “Personalized customer experience”, “Customer Experience Analytics” We certainly are entering the era where using data, analytics and personalization is no longer just an interesting notion or “nice to have” for retail…


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My Top 7 Predictions for Open Source in 2014

…lity, 2013 has been nothing short of spectacular.  As an eternal optimist, I believe 2014 will be even better: Big data’s biggest play will be in meatspace, not cyberspace.  There is just so much data we produce and give away, great opportunity for analytics in the real world. Privacy and security will become ever more important, particularly using Open Source, not closed. Paradoxically, this is actually good news as Open Source shows us again,…


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TPC forms Big Data Benchmark Standards Committee

The designation “Big Data” has become a mainstream buzz phrase across many industries as well as research circles. However, today many vendors are making performance claims that are not easily verifiable in the absence of a neutral industry-wide benchmark. [The situation is not a lot different from what motivated the creation of TPC and SPEC in 1980s. See: Early Attempts at Civilized Competition, and A Measure of Transaction Processi…


Big Data Essentials: Don’t Let Your Sandbox Turn Into Quicksand

Check out our new “on-demand” webinar: Big Data Essentials: Don’t Let Your Sandbox Turn to Quicksand What you will learn: How to manage data as an asset and transform data into business value. Why Big Data projects fail and how to avoid common pitfalls. How to optimize a Big Data supply chain. What infrastructure is required to run and automate data workload processing. Big Data has become the next big thing, not only for the promise of findin…


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Observations from the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show

…ng – Not only are all things (machines, sensors, devices) being connected to the Internet but so are people and data, creating the Internet of Everything.  IoE is a fitting overall theme for CES – everything at the show is connected to everything else.  As Cisco CEO John Chambers stated in his keynote speech “IoE is bigger than anything that’s ever been done in high tech.” 2. New Next Generation TV… Again – You could be mistaken…


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