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Small Computer, Big Opportunity: The Moore’s Law Phenomenon

If you’re like me, you probably remember the days when computers meant oversized monitors, loud, humming power supplies, and more cables than you knew what to do with. Thanks to Moore’s Law, those days are long gone. With devices getting less costly, smaller, and capable of more efficient computing power, people and businesses of today and tomorrow have more opportunity to connect to the Internet of Everything (IoE). Take the Raspberry Pi, for…


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Building a Better Data Center with Cisco UCS Solutions, Join us at Red Hat Summit to Hear How

…of bare metal to cloud ready OpenStack Deployments within minutes.   Cisco Unified Computing System for Big Data (Hadoop)   Big data is being hailed by many as a key strategic business asset.  According to Gartner, big data initiatives will require major changes in both server and storage infrastructure and information management architecture at most companies. Cisco has partnered with leading software providers to offer a compreh…


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Cisco Partner Weekly Rewind – May 31, 2013

…s Barbara Casey discusses why not all telehealth markets are created equal Guest blogger Jack Norris talks about big returns from Big Data using operational intelligence Carlos Dominguez talks up collaboration in the “new age of convergence” Monique Morrow continues her series on how to secure the Internet of Everything Keep An Eye Out Still on the fence about Virtual Partner Summit? Well, take our tour to learn more. You’ll love it! Upcoming W…


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Big Returns on Big Data through Operational Intelligence

…a feeds and the ability to quickly react. The beauty of Apache Hadoop, and specifically MapR’s platform, is that data can be ingested as a real-time stream; analysis can be performed directly on the data, and automated responses can be executed. This is true for a range of applications across organizations, from advertising platforms, to on-line retail recommendation engines, to fraud and security detection. When looking at harnessing Big Data, o…


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Continuing Conversation: Rick Smolan and the human face of big data

…inguez and photojournalist Rick Smolan I spoke with well-known photojournalist Rick Smolan about how we can turn data into wisdom, and the importance of capturing data in real time. Rick has worked at Time, Life and National Geographic and is the creator of the popular Day in the Life book series. In his most ambitious project to date, he tackled the subject of big data in the Human Face of Big Data project. I talked with Rick about what his proj…


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