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Online Safety Tips for Data Privacy Day

…all the devices that your kids use to access the Internet. That means not just computers and laptops, but also gaming consoles, smart phones and friends’ devices. Establish appropriate rules and boundaries for each environment. Privacy Controls: Familiarize yourself with the privacy controls for each device and set the appropriate protections. For example, set up your Instant Messenger application so that only your children’s buddies…


Got a Network Outage? Blame it on Santa!

…009. iPhone ruled 2009 and the holiday season, alongwith its other Apple ibrethren. A variety of eReaders, gaming consoles, and of course the big screen TVs made news. Cool stuff was hot. Cisco’s own Flip cameras had the cool factor. I was gawking at the Flips in Costco, when the sales person told me to “grab them before they’re gone”.  I did. CES 2010 turned out to be an interesting show and a great start to th…


User Stories – Videoconferencing Professionals Group

…other doctors, students and nurses. What a rush that was!!!” Dawn Meade: “This is really geeky, but gaming! We had a group of very close friends who played table-top RPG games (think D&D, but not that particular brand). Unfortunately, a couple of them had to move across the country for work and such. With some cleverly utilized VTC equipment, we were able to continue our weekly or biweekly ‘gaming dates’ and successful…


Wireless-N on Both Ends

…this dynamic technology can be made radically more useful by utilizing Wireless-N at both the device (PC, gaming console, set-top box) and router (access point) levels? Installing a Wireless-N router in your home is the first step to establishing a network that is capable of supporting today’s most bandwidth-hungry applications, like HD (high-definition)-video and simultaneous gaming/web-surfing. To take full advantage of these innov…


Kazakhstan Goes Green

…) have been expanding their infrastructure on IPoDWDM for some time now. Additionally the world’s largest gaming festival (Dreamhack in Sweden) used IPoDWDM on the CRS-1 two years back. Earlier this month, Kazakhtelecom announced their deployment of IP NGN based on IPoDWDM technology. They are deploying IP/MPLS for routing packets on CRS-1 platform and DWDM for optical transport on ONS15454 MSTP in the core. The CRS-1 platform includes int…