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Cisco Gets Real with Alternate Reality Games

…sp;I have a feeling that all of us will be seeing more ARGs in our future.  I’ll post my thoughts on gaming as a tool for learning in my next blog. Do You Want to Play a Game? Many of you have asked me if you can play The Threshold, so here you go.   (Remember, this is all about solving puzzles by using links and information to get to the next level. So here’s the first clue.) If you can’t figu…


Gaming and Virtual Reality at Cisco’s Annual Sales Meeting

…esults than an in-person event.  As a matter of fact, the event has opened my eyes and I believe that gaming and ARGs will play a significant role in the way we learn in the future.  Why can’t learning be fun and interactive and  …a game.  I don’t think we’ll ever be able to replace the human need for live interaction (maybe with holograms) but at 10% the cost I have a feeling…


Cisco at IBC: Cisco Enriches Digital Video Experience for Serbia Broadband Consumers

…dia experiences to their subscribers. Starting November 2009, consumers will be able to access high-definition (HD) video, to be followed by a variety of interactive services such as real-time video on demand (VoD), digital video recording (DVR), gaming, and information retrieval for live news and weather updates. Dragan Solak, Serbia Broadband and Telemach Board Chairman, shares why they chose Cisco to evolve its video network to a medianet….


Cisco Global Sales Meeting Uses Gaming for Engagement

…live meetings. My mind is speeding from one crazy thought to another thinking of the implications.  Will gaming be the platform of the future for learning?  Will the clues and interactivity make it into primetime shows where the audience hunts for clues and solves the puzzles?  Will virtual meetings become commonplace for all businesses?  More questions than answers. I hope you stay tuned to this blog where I’ll provi…


The Network is the Platform for Connected Experiences

…nnected to the network, or the internet. The network is the platform for our connected experiences via handheld gaming devices, such as PSP or the iPhone Touch, smart phones, FLIP video camcorders , etc. The best thing about the connectivity of a global network has to be its reach. I spoke with someone last night who noted that, when he was a ten-year-old, unlike his son, did not have the luxury of meeting and playing video games with a friend wh…