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Will Virtual Worlds revolutionize the way people learn and interact?

…platform that supports a wide range of client system requirements. Platform Readiness:A core problem facing learning organizations is how to take advantage of commercial Virtual World products that are strong in the areas of gaming and social networking but not quite ready for prime time when it comes to training and development. Does it make sense for the enterprise to wait for global standards to emerge in virtual world platforms that meet the…


Trade a cell phone for a loaf of bread?

…35 million Wii consoles sold that are linked to the Internet); wireless SD cards for your digital camera for effortless photo-sharing with friends and family, streaming video from Netflix to Blu-ray disc players and Xbox 360 gaming consoles (and with CES starting today, there are clearly more new toys to come — LG video wristphone, anyone?).However, this year, we are surrounded by the wreckage of a globally challenged economy. Clearly, consumer…


Faster Internet: What I Did on My Winter Vacation

…we had forgotten that our iMac desktop purchased last year already has 802.11 n capability built in, so it is now zooming! In short, the improved wireless performance feels like an instant upgrade to all of the computers and gaming systems in the house (since a lot of what happens on all of these is via the network) and the new router — even with all these bells and whistles — cost well under US$ 200. By the way, while you’re s…


Cisco at CES

…bisodes, Cisco is all about helping consumers to live a connected life. The key to a connected life, is the home network and the technology that lives on it. As consumers accumulate PCs, huge digital music libraries, multiple gaming consoles, printers, digital cameras, and more, the home network becomes increasingly integral to the delivering an enjoyable connected life experience. Earlier this week, I asked Ken Wirt, vice president of consumer m…


Want Video? Ask Cisco.

…triple from 2008 to 2012.- More than 4 billion video streams per month will be delivered through Internet-enabled set-top boxes* by 2012. (*Internet-enabled set-top boxes include IPTV set-tops, next-generation cable set-tops, gaming consoles, and third-party standalone set-tops.)- Global VoD traffic more than doubled from 2007 to 2008 (increased by a factor of 2.4).Check out our press release to see what else we announced today, including…