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Choosing the Right Home Network for you!

How do you know which home network is right for you? The answer is that there isn’t just one, and that’s actually the beauty of it- each home network is unique. Home networks can be configured in a multitude of ways and the key is figuring out what you want yours to do for you. Because the needs and wants of a family of four are not necessarily the same as those of a young professional living on his or her own, there are several fac…


Home Network Benefits

Do you have more than one PC or laptop in your home? If so, then having a home network is a requirement for connecting to the Internet and sharing resources like files and printers. With a basic home network set up you can: 1. Share an Internet connection so everyone can surf the web simultaneously 2. Access your own private computer while others print, access files or the web 3. Share all types of files, including music, digital pictures, and…


The Future is Here….The Virtual World for Large Meetings!

It’s 6:15pm EST on Wednesday May 13th, 2009 and I have just gotten up from my chair to get a cup of coffee before joining the next session. This is Day 2 of Cisco’s annual Strategic Leadership Offsite (SLO) where directors and above from all around the world and from all functions of the company congregate to align on the key priorities for the coming year. The difference this year is that we are doing it virtually. I do admit th…


Digital Media Conference Season

…n Francisco. Unfortunately, there was a lot on my work plate at the time of this premiere conference for digital gaming businesses, I couldn’t make any panels during the day. Several gaming companies hosted evening events, including Zynga. Zynga designs game experiences that leverage social networks like Facebook as the platform for game play and a way connect with your fellow gamers. I also attended a Game Developers Conference event for a…


What is a Home Network?

“Home network” sounds too technical or even scary to some, but millions of people have one, some without even knowing it, and get daily benefits that they wouldn’t want to be without! So what exactly constitutes a network?Many homes have an Internet connection, either through a “cable modem” or “DSL”. If more than one device (computers, video game consoles, DVRs, etc.) in your home can access the Intern…