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Cisco Introduces Connected Video Surveillance Solutions Delivered on Cisco Unified Computing System

…oyment, reduced staffing needs and cooling costs • Improved performance, scalability, agility and manageability CiscoLive Australia Check out some photos from the live event in Australia! Cisco Physical Security at CiscoLive Video for Public Safety and Justice…


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Pulse reveals the secrets of the universe (or at least what Padma talked about at CiscoLive)

Ever think “boy, I really would like to know what happened in that keynote / session / meeting / webinar / executive video / training but I really do not have time to sit through the whole thing”? Yeah, I do too. Technology to the rescue! Cisco has a tool called Pulse that runs analytics on video and automatically pulls speaker and keyword information. How cool is that? Let’s just say very cool. Padmasree's CiscoLive London keyn…


Touch and Feel IPv6 Wi-Fi!

Despite the “buzz” around IPv6 right now for many customers it’s not easy to actually test drive an IPv6 connection. When we got the opportunity to sponsor the Wi-Fi customer access at the 2012 v6 World Congress, we jumped at it. It became an opportunity to showcase both the simplicity and effectiveness of the Cisco Carrier Grade IPv6 (CGv6) solution. The CGv6 solution is the industry’s only IPv6 transition solution that has been performance tes…


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Latest 100 Gigabit News from Cisco

In case you might have missed it (or don’t read Russian) I wanted to call out two newsworthy items related to Cisco and 100G technology. Last week at CiscoLive! London we announced the availability of 100GE interfaces on the Nexus 7000 to reduce bandwidth bottlenecks in the data center and help our customers meet the demands of emerging cloud computing applications. With this announcement Cisco becomes the only vendor in the industry offering an…


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Not all Streams are Created Equal

It can be so easy to be mislead by vendors claiming incredible bandwidth gains offered by their new ’3 Spatial Streams’ wireless access points. The tricky part is that none of them are outright lying, they are simply describing a reality that nobody lives in.  Cisco released the new 3600 series access points at CiscoLive London last week. We have also had fun showing the incredible bandwidth gains available through this extra stream…


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