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A Decade of Happy Living with Wi-Fi and the Unlicensed Band

…e issues with Wi-Fi include Bluetooth, cordless phones, microwave bridges, wireless video cameras, and wireless gaming devices.  In addition, there are problematic non-communication devices that emit energy in the unlicensed band such as microwave ovens, certain lighting systems, wireless motion detectors, and radar. In the end, the fact that these devices are not always compatible with Wi-Fi means that enterprises can experience interferenc…


Events and Location

…ty’ program. You see here Tom checked in at the Dave and Buster’s – the popular entertainment gaming restaurant, which was featured on one episode of the ‘Housewives’ TV show. And SPIN Magazine recently created a real world scavenger hunt for the SXSW Music Conference using Foursquare. Geolocation services are certainly going to be interesting to watch in 2010 as they develop in the social and digital media space. W…


Gaming for the Enterprise

…n touched on a couple of things near and dear to the hearts of the Cisco Virtual Environment bloggers including gaming and education, the importance of self branding, leveraging virtual world environments to create compelling work spaces, community in networked virtual environments, and virtual environments being integral to doing business in the future. One of the items Byron shared was a list of ten items shared between gamers and the workplace…


Measuring the Ever-Advancing Services Adoption – Introducing Cisco CLUE

…d while mobile video is viewed as a major driver in the future, it’s behind the traction gained by mobile gaming worldwide. And of course, it’s important to note that each of these services has an impact on the bandwidth needed as well. CLUE has a bandwidth gauge to determine the effect that these advanced services have on the network (a high-definition MPEG 2 stream for example takes up 12 Mbps vs. a standard definition MPEG 2 video…


Home Networking: Beyond the Basics

…e network, you can use these devices to access premium content and free on-demand entertainment. 2. Internet gaming made easy! Connecting a gaming console to the Internet allows you to access exclusive content like new or classic videogames, and compete with players from around the  globe. Get your game on with the Wireless-N Broadband Router (WRT160N)  and a gaming adapter. 3. Surfing the web with a netbook, the fastest growing comp…