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What is a Home Network?

…copy files from one computer to another in the home, print to a single printer from multiple computers, and more.Of course, once you have a home network installed, there are many other things you can do with it, like on-line gaming, digital movie rentals, media sharing with friends and family, listen to your digital music anywhere in the home — the list goes on, and expands every day….


Broadband Gaming is On the Way

…y of their business at the Nerdworld blog at In summary, their business is to deliver on-demand video games to PCs and TVs without the need for a dedicated console. This was interesting for a few reasons. First, the gaming industry has been on fire recently. While the rest of CE industry has followed the downward trajectory of the global economy, gaming has bucked the trend fueled by the rise of the staycation and the Wii’s popula…


Building a Better Blade Server – Network Style….

…sort-of-like-a-router. 3) R&D spend. Some companies want to own everything — they want to sell you ink, services, toner, people, switches, servers, cables, people, storage, printers, monitors, proprietary Unix, people, gaming machines, photo printing, people, calculators and even paper (did I mention people…). In the data center, as in other areas of networking, we are focused on interoperability, standards, and going to market wit…


Home Network Basics

…thumb drives around, or laboriously reassign printer anytime you want to use a different computer or device. A home network also enables you to connect other devices to each other and to the Internet such as an Xbox for live gaming or a internet camera for web chatting or even a wireless home audio device such as a Linksys by Cisco Director that allows you to play all your music and access Internet music services such as Rhapsody. Simply put, a…


Cisco Edge Quest 2 Tournament – Week Two Begins

…US$500 gift card + Linksys by Cisco Wireless Home Audio System (These things are really, really cool and will make all audiophiles jealous, thereby providing an opportunity for you to brag about your outstanding Edge Quest 2 gaming skills.) First Prize: US$300 gift card Second Prize: US$100 gift card A thank you to the following for writing a bit about the game and challenging their community to play: ClickZ (nice coverage of some of our recen…