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Cisco Global Sales Meeting Uses Gaming for Engagement

We are several days away from kicking off our annual Cisco sales meeting that brings together all of our sales teams from around the world to share with them the vision and goals for the upcoming fiscal year.  In speaking with the organizers of this event we are expecting over 19,000 people to attend  …virtually.  Yes, you heard me correctly. This will be an entirely virtual meeting for one of the toughest audiences in the w…


The Network is the Platform for Connected Experiences

(DJ and Digital Cribs star Paul van Dyk) Sometimes I look down at my cell phone and an overwhelming feeling of thankfulness comes over me. I think, “thank goodness I was able to access Google Maps and find that new meeting place! I’m so lucky I just caught that email! OR, “I’m so glad we found and checked out that restaurant on Yelp!! Or I’m so glad I saw my friends are at the same concert via Google Latitude.”…


Twitter Account Intrusions Highlight Password Recovery Weaknesses

As mentioned in this week’s Cyber Risk Report (CRR), a hacker, known by the handle Croll, was able to gain access to private accounts owned by employees of the Twitter micro-blogging website. The hacker successfully guessed password “secret question” recovery queries by gathering info from employee public profiles, and intercepted password reset messages after gaining access to an employee’s public e-mail account. As a…


Virtual, Your Way

Since my last post on Cisco Live Virtual 2009 there have been a lot of folks buzzing about the upcoming show. Some great feedback coming in on the environment and live agenda and of course we hope to get more, i.e. keep it coming!One theme that has been cropping up frequently is regarding a perceived ‘shift’ to a web based virtual program from a virtual world program. Just want to clarify that there is no shift really as we have been…


Choosing the Right Home Network for you!

How do you know which home network is right for you? The answer is that there isn’t just one, and that’s actually the beauty of it- each home network is unique. Home networks can be configured in a multitude of ways and the key is figuring out what you want yours to do for you. Because the needs and wants of a family of four are not necessarily the same as those of a young professional living on his or her own, there are several fac…