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Learn about Cisco’s Data Center and Cloud Management Software at #VMworld”

…e.g. VMware vCloud, OpenStack, Amazon Web Services), and with Puppet and Chef for configuration management. Showcasing: Intelligent Automation for Cloud. New demo! Cloud Networking Services with the Nexus 1000V. Demonstrates vPath integration with Citrix VPX and Imperva WAF, with Prime Network Services Controller. Showcasing: Nexus 1000V and Prime Network Services Controller. New demo! Hybrid Cloud Networking with Nexus 1000V InterCloud. See how…


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Automating Virtual Network Services: Cisco Prime Network Services Controller at VMworld]

…Prime Network Services Controller provides network service automation by working with Cisco Prime Data Center Network Manager (DCNM). Virtualized Network Services: This demo will feature Prime Network Services Controller and vPath integration with Citrix NetScaler 1000V and Imperva SecureSphere running on Cisco Nexus 1000V series switches (on VMware vSphere, of course). And don’t miss our theatre session on August 27th, 5:00PM PST in the Cisco…


Cisco vPath Technology Enabling Best-In-Class Cloud Network Services

…exus 1000V distributed virtual switch.  If the particular application VM moves, the Nexus 1000V network policy moves with it and hence the service chain remains intact. Figure 1: Policy based dynamic service chaining through vPath  #2 – vPath enables Distributed Cloud Network Services: As noted in the picture above, vPath controls the packet flow through all Services that are chained for that particular policy. Once the first few packets…


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SDN and Network Programmability: First Five Use Cases for Cisco IT

…ion programmatic interfaces (APIs) exposed by the Cisco Nexus 1000V Switch and Cisco Prime Network Services Controller (formerly Cisco Virtual Network Management Center). We’re also using a virtual network overlay technique, vPath on the Nexus 1000V, to simplify service insertion and service chaining. Figure 1  Automated Network Provisioning in the Cisco Private Cloud Use Case 2: Simplifying Operations by Centralizing Policy and Configuration…


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Celebrating 5 Year Anniversary of Cisco Nexus 1000V Launch

…ns across all major hypervisors. ESX, Hyper-V and KVM/Xen. Nexus 1000V offers the industry’s most advanced networking feature set required for enterprise and cloud provider requirements, such as enhanced VXLAN and innovative vPath  service insertion technology. It is the only cloud networking platform which provides seamless physical-virtual integration for a consistent operational model, network visibility and troubleshooting. After reading…


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