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Smart Grid: the Evolving Energy Landscape

…ies apparent need to increase operational efficiencies, there’s been an emerging requirement around the world for a complete overhaul of the electrical grid systems — in order to make it all “smarter.”  The notion of a smart grid metamorphosis will become a reality, starting with large-scale smart metering deployments, which are an example of the next phase of evolutionary progress. Solutions for the Next-Generation Energy Network In…


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Milestone in Connecting the Internet of Things – RPL Routing Standard Completed

…esource like a server, or to each other. The Internet of things refers to IP private networks and smart objects connected to the public Internet. The number of applications is only bounded by imagination with applications on Smart Grid, Smart Cities, Industrial Automation, Connected Cars to mention a few. The number of things connected to the Internet exceeded the world population in 2008 – and will only grow. Projections have the number of…


Is Network Technology a Key Enabler for Smart Eco-City Development?

…th  forty years of electric industry experience as a founder and CEO of several companies and as a Board member of the California ISO, Dr. Cazalet described TeMix’s “Smart Transactive Energy Services” as “useful for eco-city smart grids.”  He explained that his company’s technology will “optimally coordinate renewable energy production, storage, grid demand, and traffic among all components and players on the grid.” He included in his…


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Modernizing the Grid: a Conversation with Cisco’s Connected Energy Customers and Partners”>Richard

…it elevates the value of what we offer to customers. Combined with Itron’s proven expertise in delivering operational technologies that utilities use to run their businesses, this partnership established a vision to create a smart grid platform that will help move both companies forward.    Next we turned to BC Hydro and SDG&E, two utility companies who are both utilizing Cisco’s new FAN solution.  Cisco: Can you talk a little about your…


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How Smart Grid and Broadband Work Together

…do it in a way that protects our livelihoods, creates jobs and supports economic growth around the globe. Smart grids will likely be part of the solution. A recent Broadband Breakfast meeting in Washington, D.C., focused on smart grid innovation — the idea of creating an energy grid that collects and transmits usage information in such a way that utilities can become more efficient and their customers can become more informed. To learn…


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