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“Clear and Differentiated” Video Wins the Day    

…cture to make multiparty conferencing easier and more affordable. And we’re continuing our work to enable video interoperability in the cloud, especially with Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms. These are the hallmarks of our current portfolio and instrumental in our ability to gain market traction in large-scale deployments. But beyond strengthening our own competitive position, I believe our strategy – bringing to market video solutions at the r…


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Microsoft Lync Made Better

…th Cisco Collaboration Meetings Rooms (CMR for short) offering a standards based approach. Jabber supports Lync interoperability despite having to work with proprietary Microsoft protocols. CMR can be deployed on premise, in the cloud, or as a hybrid mix of both.  It provides a business quality collaboration experience by combining video, audio and content sharing while juggling all the background normalization steps needed to ensure that meet…


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Reduce Costs and Increase User Adoption of Video

…offers, you can provide every user with a full set of video capabilities. This includes firewall traversal and interoperability with third-party systems, using Personal Multiparty licensing. Coupled with increasing capacity on new platforms, you can greatly reduce the per-user cost for video. Deployment Choices With Cisco CMR, you can implement on premises, combine with a WebEx Meeting Center subscription for a hybrid premises and cloud solution…


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Curation-as-a-Service: OpenStack’s greatest offer is sometimes what it doesn’t offer

…ct at large. While propelling projects forward with, at most times, consistent momentum, it has lacked focus on interoperability, which has resulted in a number of conflicts among projects that, while disparate, all carry the OpenStack brand. The result is the slow adoption of the cloud platform due to complexity and growing preference and focus on streamlined technologies that focus on simplicity. “OpenStack can run a fine private cloud, if you…


Cisco’s Approach to Telehealth White Paper

…costs and improve patient services while expanding the geographic footprint of the organization. Cisco’s robust interoperability, security, and video technology have put us at the forefront of telehealth.  Over the years, our teams have seen a recurring theme of limited deployments in a small handful of areas across healthcare organization.  These limited or siloed deployments typically lack a unifying strategy or architecture to be able to accom…