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Why IT Leaders Stand to Benefit from the Natural Process of Network Programmability

…information and insights that can be used to provide a new level of business level intelligence. 6)   Adjusting security policies through software rather than manually. Through Fast IT, policies and processes for people and information can be implemented to all physical and virtual locations in an automatic way to help mitigate security concern and thwart cyber-attacks.  Overall, if we can address complexity, agility and security, we can not onl…


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6 Healthcare IT Transitions: The Hackers delight

…bling anywhere anytime, any device access to my care teams and my patients. Health Care IT Transitions and their Security Implications (1-3 of 6) Health Care IT Transitions and their Security Implications (4-6 of 6) In the old paper charts days, if someone had to access my personal record, he had to penetrate through the physical safeguards that have been enforced by the hospital including secure access to the location where the paper files are…


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South of Several Borders

…n” and “protected to the South by ice.” Unfortunately, they know that none of those protect in cyber. As such, the Cybersecurity problem set facing Chile is just as advanced as anywhere else. The same threats, and (probably) the same hackers exert constant pressure on Chilean private and public sector organizations and it felt great to discuss strategic security strategies with committed teams and companies while I visited. I al…


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Summary: Why Should You Participate in the Cisco IoT Security Grand Challenge?

Interested in learning more about the Cisco IoT Security Grand Challenge? Plan to attend a free one-hour webinar at 12 p.m. EDT Wednesday, May 7. Cisco Futurist Dave Evans and Dr. Tao Zhang, Chief Scientist for Smart Connected Vehicles at Cisco, will talk about why the Challenge is so important to the future of IoT, and answer any questions you may have. Read the full blog for more information….


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European Cybersecurity Policy Priorities

…resent us. Today will be the third plenary meeting of the NIS Platform – the EU’s public private partnership for cyber security. It’s one of many ways that we can work together with other stakeholders to stay ahead of the game.  The European Commission has designed its own approach via the European Cybersecurity Strategy and by drafting the first pan-European legislation on cybersecurity, the Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive.  As…