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So you’ve got a cloud strategy? Sorry. What you need is a roadmap.

…elivers what users rightfully expect and need Create a foundation for solving big data challenges Programme 2: Cyber security Why focus here? Make no mistake: hackers are already inside. Your organisation needs a security approach co-ordinated between the CISO (Chief Information Security Officer), the IT department, the business and end users – driven by a pragmatic IT security strategy framework which balances risk with benefits. How Cisco sol…


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IT Value Map: your compass for cloud transformation

…application/service Benchmarking vs. peer organisation in the region. Governance Pillar 4: Risk management and cyber security The fourth pillar looks at how to create secure information flows while empowering civil servants. This involves putting in place processes for confidentiality, authentication, data integrity and availability while delivering state-of-the-art cyber attack protection and remediation. Example Measurement Metrics: Build an…


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A Dynamic Integration: FireSIGHT and ISE

With the security landscape constantly evolving and attackers innovating at the rapid pace, it is important that we keep up with attackers.  For this reason we have based our security on imperatives like being visibility-driven and platform-based. Organizations need total visibility of their environments for full contextual awareness, ultimately enabling better network protection, since we can’t protect what we can’t see.  The imperative of bein…


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Ensuring Security and Trust Stewardship and Accountability

…, an SEC commissioner said that the SEC plans to create a requirement for corporate directors regarding managing cybersecurity as a risk. Frankly, it’s about time. In today’s cyber economy, every company is an IT company. Accountability in this risk area for businesses needs to uplevel all the way to the C-suite. Security really is everyone’s business – something Cisco has been saying for years – and it is now clear that it is…


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Threat Spotlight: Group 72, Opening the ZxShell

…ignored.  Organizations with high financial or intellectual property value should take the time to ensure their security requirements are met and that employee’s are educated about the security threats their organizations face. For additional information, please see our blog post. Protecting Users from These Threats Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) is ideally suited to detect the sophisticated malware used by this threat actor. CWS or WSA web…


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