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NAB 2015 Attendees: Is Your Security Model Threat-Centric?

CyberSecurity: it has always been important for video entertainment companies. But times have changed- now it’s mission critical. Top of mind again this last few days, the events of the last 6 months have proven this point. If cyber-protection is not bullet-proof, any video entertainment company is living on borrowed time… and that bill is going to come due with potentially disastrous consequences. There is a second change going on: security at…


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Combating Cyber-Attacks Through Cyber Intelligence & Security: Part One

Hello and welcome to Part One of my new blog series discussing cyber intelligence and security around the critical infrastructure sectors in the U.S. Cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly prevalent and threatening to utilities, refineries, military defense systems, water treatment plants and other sectors of our critical infrastructure. Part One of this series details the dangers of cyber-attacks by state and non-state actors and how cyber int…


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Cisco Launches Security Incident Response Services

…well as identify methods to reduce future risk.  The service leverages threat intelligence from the Cisco Talos Security Intelligence and Research Group, Cisco security technologies including AMP Threat Grid and the expertise of the Cisco Security Solutions (CSS) team.  The Incident Response Service supports businesses in two areas: Cyber Attack Response Every event is unique and our Security Incident Response methodology provides expedience and…


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Join The Internet of Women@Cisco and Invent Together!

…hnology has been pivotal to the development of our Internet. As we move to Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Cybersecurity, the sky is the limit of the possibilities for you as technologists. Accept the challenge of joining the Internet of Women at Cisco to invent together and moreover, to truly change the way we live, work and play.   If you want to make a difference and have impact visit the Cisco team at the IEEE-WIE Conference. Hack…


My Week at CiscoLive! Melbourne 2015

…m where 245 attendees from 171 companies attended twelve dedicated sessions focusing on topics such as Fast IT, Cyber Security, Talent 2020, and Digital Transformation. The constant theme in all of these sessions was disruption, and the need to drive change in our organizations at a faster rate. Cisco IT was back at the World of Solutions where our experts engaged with 299 customers to discuss how we’re deploying technology inside Cisco. Collabor…


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