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A Few of my Favorite Things: Video and the Internet of Everything

…is starting to be able to bring more people, things and traditions together through immersive mobile video and telepresence experiences. Video Drives Experiences Gone are the days of trying to capture memories with old-school video cameras. New waves of cloud-based, mobile, and video applications and machine-to-machine connections are documenting our lives in cool new ways. These are much more useable and sharable, and fun. These applications an…


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A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

…he market.  The fact is that Cisco was a high-end pioneer in the video market with innovations around immersive telepresence; absolutely true.  No one will refute that. The little known fact is that Cisco is also pioneering the efforts of making video pervasive, simple and as inexpensive as $25/month. The pervasiveness of video is not so much about the price point though. And we have to remember to take a holistic view — understanding the r…


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How Close To Your Phones Does a CUCM Cluster Have To Be?

…onnect to phones all over the world – possibly 10,000 miles or more away. (I’ll note that Cisco IT has a single TelePresence cluster in San Jose, supporting TelePresence units over 10,000 miles away.  But that’s TelePresence). So, what ARE the rules? There appear to be some hard and fast rules for how far away clusters can be located; but no real consensus. Only one part is clear. Distance is not really the issue: its delay (sometimes called late…


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Summary: TelePresence for SMBs: It isn’t just for the big guys anymore

If you’re in an SMB company you might think of telepresence as a tool built for enterprise, something that would be nice to have for your small business but just out of reach. You’d be wrong. Video conferencing solutions like Telepresence and even web-based technologies like WebEx are more affordable than ever, making them a viable option for SMBs. Read my full article for a closer look!…


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Cisco and Telstra Team up to Deliver TelePresence to Schools in Bathurst, Australia

…junction with Telstra, is pleased to announce that it has worked with the Catholic Education Office to roll out TelePresence in the Catholic Diocese of Bathurst. All secondary and central schools in the region will be equipped with the technology. The roll-out represents a great opportunity for students in the Catholic schools system of Bathurst to enjoy face-to-face interaction with students at different schools, with external tutors and other e…