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Leverage Your Existing Wireless Infra to Manage iBeacons

…signal transmitted by these beacons and respond accordingly when the phone detects them. Imagine the fans at a stadium with their ticket and seat number automatically pulled up as they walk inside an arena. Imagine the passengers at an airport heading towards the ticket gate with an automatic notification popup that pulls up their mobile boarding pass ticket ready for inspection. We believe that iBeacon technology is a big step forward towards b…


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Any Given Sunday and the Internet of Everything

On any given Sunday, or Saturday, in stadiums across the country powered by Cisco Connected Stadium Wi-Fi, an average of 2 terabytes of data are coming across the network and tens of thousands of unique connections are being made. This means anywhere from 20-50% of ticketed fans are using their mobile devices to engage. Extrapolate that out to stadiums around the world holding soccer/football, rugby, basketball and other sporting events, and on…


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Challenging the Next Generation of STEM Professionals

…ted ideas to improve the patient/physician relationship and make the experience at the San Francisco 49er’s new stadium easier for fans. Their collaboration led them to brainstorm creative solutions that use technology in new and unanticipated ways. The winning team, “Epidemask,” pitched the concept of a blue-chip enabled gel facemask that prevents the spread of viruses while also communicating to authorities which regions need specific vaccinati…


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#CiscoChampion Radio S1|Ep 35. New Hardware: ISR4ks

…Robie Thank you chris_nickl agreed DaSpadeR May have been referenced earlier, but can you run virtual device contexts? I’d like to have 3-4 separated containers DaSpadeR Some of the big music tours carry call manager with them, this would be much more compact for their router and services to plug into arena/stadium sthorvaldsen You mentioned the defence sector, will there be ruggedized 4k ISRs aswell? WackoRobie Good. Thanks everyone…


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Take Advantage of Mobile Cloud. What Are You Waiting For?

…se technology to better understand and communicate with their customers, whether they’re sports fans at a large stadium, grocery shoppers, travelers, or diners. Cisco Services works with global SPs to develop new real-time mobile analytics services. Mobility helps customers achieve desired outcomes.From Cisco Mobility Wave 2 Research, April, 2014 Two Steps Puts You on the Path to Your Business Goals If you are a business executive, here’s what yo…


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