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What happened after the Innovation Grand Challenge Awards?

At Cisco, we have invested significant time, money and resources into igniting innovation around the Internet of Everything (IoE) both inside and outside the company. Since fostering an innovation ecosystem is so critical to the success of IoE, last year we launched the global Innovation Grand Challenge. The risk-reward ratio was high, but with a lot of hard work – at Cisco and with partners — the Challenge was a resounding success by all…


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Cisco Technology Radar is a Grand Prize 2015 Finalist for ISPIM Innovation Management

…resented by leading industry experts in Budapest, is aimed at recognizing and rewarding the operations behind the products that make headlines in the market. The best products are born out of a lengthy process of outstanding innovation and hard work that all too often goes unnoticed. This award highlights this behind-the-scenes management work that innovation researchers, industry executives, thought leaders and policy makers do to innovate and…


OSpod #32: Carol Barrett

…ction for modularity, and how do you either rework some of the elements around Nova like the number of reviewers and how many folks can really commit time to that, versus breaking Nova into smaller pieces so that the rate of innovation continues to be as high as we need. Nova is such an important project for almost every service to grow and become more capable, that I’d like to know his view coming into that role. How do you go ahead and…


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Next Generation Executive Leadership Team

…oud, mobility, data center, security, collaboration, software and the Internet of Everything markets. Over the last 2 years, Pankaj has led the transformation of Cisco’s engineering organization to drive focus and accelerate innovation. He is pioneering new ways of driving innovation at Cisco, including a new model of internal start-ups which he launched last year. Kelly Kramer, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Kelly joined…


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Internet of Everything Innovation Centers Facilitate Change

…ally organic and fueled by local expertise and investment. The IoE solution prototypes they develop are able to spark results that benefit the local community and that often can be customized to address global needs. The IoE Innovation Center in Berlin, for example, is focused on enabling innovation that can reduce operating costs in in manufacturing, transportation and logistics. At our Center in London, projects are underway in lighting,…