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Housekeeping Post – Where to Find Borderless Networks? Also, Theme Week!

…5/12 – Cisco a Gartner IT Expo – Discover What’s Possible!  12/06/12 – 12/08/12 – CiscoLive! Mexico (Sold out!)  A few cool talks you’ll want to check out if you’re at Gartner IT Expo: Work Your Way: A Mobility Strategy for Business Success with Marie Hattar, VP of Enterprise Segment Marketing, Cisco Systems on Monday, October 22, 3:30 – 4:30 p.m. The Convergence of Forces in the Connected Enterprise wi…


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Did You Know? Cisco’s FCoE Transformational Service

…n their data centers. I’ve written about a few of the surprises before ( but every day I get more unique (and more interesting) scenarios. The Bad News There is no one-size-fits-all approach. In a conversation with a friend recently, he argued that it’s much easier for customers to know how to use a tool in a proscriptive fashion, with well-defined use cases. This is…


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IPv6 at CiscoLive! San Diego

…ction that comes from participating in the design and operations of internal networks for the (US and European) CiscoLive – networks these events depend upon. My role is vital to the efficiency of the whole system, but certainly not glamorous. If I were to compare the CiscoLive network with a dental office, I’d be the technician that only fixes the upper-right tooth – and ensures you continue to breathe well. More specifically, I’d be working on…


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Cisco onePK Plays Well With Others

For me, even though I am mostly a hardware geek, one of the coolest parts of the Cisco ONE launch at CiscoLive was the introduction of onePK.  We see onePK as an core enabling technology that will have some cool stuff down the road. So, one of the more common questions I get is about the relationship between onePK and other technologies related to network programmability such as OpenFlow (OF). Many folks mistakenly view this as an either/or choi…


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Five Most Interesting Things for Borderless Networks at Cisco Live

…his transition to the cloud a bit less painful Techwise TV with Jimmy Ray Purser and Robb Boyd did a summary at CiscoLive, and I’ve listed out some of these solutions below: UCS E Series – Server Blades dramatically more powerful than anything available in an integrated platform that combine the power of a UCS server with the flexibility of an ISR G2 branch platform.  The options for running powerful virtual machines in a branch environ…


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