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Cisco’s Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Journey Continues

…he electric vehicle ecosystem to promote the on-going effort to improve the environmental sustainability of our transportation system.  By continuing to elevate and discuss the issues and advantages in today’s electric vehicle market, we fuel future innovation and a more sustainable transportation system. EV Charging at Cisco San Jose Campus Cisco is committed to promoting the use of PEVs amongst our employees by providing a free service f…


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What’s Next for the Internet of Everything and Cities?

…stries. “Digital urbanism” is rapidly becoming a central pillar for urban planners, architects, developers, and transportation providers, as well as in public service provision. From a public leadership perspective, cities can be viewed as microcosms of the interconnected networks that make up the Internet of Everything (IoE). In fact, cities serve as “fertile ground” for realizing value from IoE. The Cisco Consulting Services public sector and…


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Internet of Things – What is Cisco doing for Business with IoT?

…eing applied in a variety of industry sectors including manufacturing, (process and discrete), oil and gas, and transportation, and how customers can monetize this for their organization’s benefit. IoT is real and it’s happening now! “Internet of things is the foundation; how do you make the sensors a lot smarter; how do you generate a lot more data from it; and how do you monetize and control the data so that you could put it i…


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The Running of the Bulls – Cisco Style

…an R&D budget of $200 million a year. The concept – with implications for retail, manufacturing, logistics, transportation and yes – even healthcare – is really about what opportunities exist when everything is connected to the internet (with either a simple IP address – or with additional intelligence). Dave Evans (Cisco’s Chief Futurist) referenced a provocative idea around assigning babies an IP address at birth. While it may be awhile bef…


The Programmable Network: Elastic Services

…t and future network-connected endpoints, from smart meters to vending machines, security cameras, all forms of transportation, and consumer electronics ─ not to mention PCs, tablets, and smartphones. People with electronic tags will one day be connected to the IoE to monitor their health. Many dogs and cats already have chips for location tracking. The opportunity for new services will be unlimited and customers will expect instant access to net…


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