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14.4 Trillion (Reasons!!) To Visit Booth #1558 At 2013 CiscoLIve!

…s will demonstrate  how IoT applications are driving value into various industrial industries from Oil and Gas, Transportation, Discrete Manufacturing, Connected Vehicle and Smart Grid.  There will be subject matter experts available to discuss your specific requirements and share with you their experiences on how developing and deploying systems, architectures and applications based on unmodified standard based Internet Protocol (IP) will help t…


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It Takes a Village to Green a City

…th became apparent.  Getting Clevelanders out of their cars and commuting using bicycles was proposed to reduce transportation related Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  However, a representative of the City’s Department of Public Health immediately gravitated to the health benefits of increased exercise.  That recognition led the CAP team to discuss a series of other positive impacts like reducing traffic levels and decreasing the need for n…


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5 Reasons to Study Networking Technology Now”

…n edge and an opportunity to make a career in almost any sector you can imagine: financial services, education, transportation, manufacturing, oil and gas, mining and minerals, technology, government, hospitality, health care, retail… you name it. If you have an interest in a particular field, technology is probably part of it. For example, health care clinicians study networking technology to better understand how to use it in their practi…


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Making the Roads Safer Through the Internet of Everything

…g at unsafe rate of speed. A deeper look into the future of connected vehicles and how humans currently utilize transportation gives way to the idea that one day, we will not drive our own cars at all. All vehicles communicating data with one another will eventually lead to self-driving cars that will deliver safer road conditions and more predictability while driving. According to Ford, today there are about 1 billion cars on the road. By 2050,…


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Intelligent Communities Global Blog Series–The “Connected Boulevard”: Taking the Fast Lane to the Internet of Everything

…ablets, visitors to central Nice can see where parking is available, as well as real-time information on public transportation and bike or car-sharing availability. We estimate this system will reduce traffic congestion by 30 percent and improve air quality by 25 percent. Smart lighting: The intelligent outdoor lighting system can realize at least 20 percent in power savings by adjusting light intensity based on changing weather and traffic con…


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