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Light-as-a-Service: Why IT and Lighting Will Converge

After witnessing a live demo of the PoE-powered, iphone-controlled LED lights in the EnergyWise pavilion at Cisco Live, the IT manager for a well-known auto maker approached Chris Isaacson, CEO of NuLEDs. He asked one question: “How many colors does the fixture support?” Chris’s reply echoed Henry Ford’s famous quote in his 1927 autobiography, “You can have any color as long as it’s in the visible spectrum.” The marriage of microprocessors with…


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PacketPushers @ CiscoLive

So, if you are a networking geek of any sort, you should be listening to PacketPushers–for both the education and the sheer entertainment value.  This year, we tried something a little different with the PacketPushers team and had them join us onsite at CiscoLive.  Below are six of the podcasts they produced for us: PQ Show 002 – Cisco Cloud Services Router With Prashant Shenoy PQ Show 003 – Cisco onePK With Richard Pruss PQ Show 004 – Catalys…


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What Comes Next with Cisco and the ONF?

So, goings on with OpenFlow and the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) are always lively topics for discussion.  Since our announcement of Cisco ONE at CiscoLive, a number of folks have asked me if the announcement of our strategy changes our view of the ONF or the role of OpenFlow—the short answer is, simply, no. We continue to strongly support ONF and its efforts related to SDN and our support has and will continue to been demonstrated in tangib…


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Cisco Live 2012: Replays, Resources, and More!

…omers Cisco live 2012 – Built on FlexPod VSPEX at Cisco Live 2012 and How You Can Find Out More VXI Walkabout at CiscoLive! Cisco Live, Day 1 Cisco Live Update on Intelligent Automation for Cloud – The Journey and How Cisco Partners Help IT Shops Get to Cloud Cisco live! Recap: Jimmy Ray Talks Virtual Overlays and “Programming” the Network CiscoLive 2012 and the FCoE Groundswell Desktop Virtualization Perspectives at Cisco Live 2012 Cisco Live 20…


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Cisco ONE as the Bridge Between Apps and Infrastructure

For the most part, my last post was concerned about what Cisco ONE was, so explore a little more into the why. I am going to assume you read my last post, so let’s dig in.  One of the fundamental concepts behind ONE is illustrated below–the idea of exposing the network in a highly granular way and emphasizing the ability to not only exert programmatic control over switch behavior, but the ability of the network to present interesting and…


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