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An Open Framework for the Internet of Things

…on the grid, IOx goes far beyond this as well. For instance, the platform can be deployed by a rail company or transportation fleet to facilitate fleet communication or Positive Train Control (PTC). Municipalities can also find value in the platform to deploy smart city applications like intelligent street lighting and smart parking. Regardless of the industry, be it utilities, rail or manufacturing, customers are asking for the same types of ca…


Statement by Mary Brown on the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Decision on Vehicle-to-Vehicle Technology

Today’s decision by the US Department of Transportation to move forward with vehicle-to-vehicle safety technology for cars and light trucks is welcome news. Not only does this mark the first use of radio technology that will make our driving experience safer, but it is also the first use of the Intelligent Transportation Service spectrum at 5.9 GHz that was set aside for these purposes nearly 15 years ago. Just as important, this is a victory fo…


IPv6 for Megatrends”>Amazon’s

…ecting objects to each other. The scenarios this will allow are countless in multiple environments: healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, public sector and defense to name a few. Also in the consumer space the Internet of Things will automate, streamline and simplify tasks. Few examples:  remote health monitoring or remote hospitalization, cattle monitoring, faster and more accurate door delivery (have you seen Amazon’s experiment of the Dro…


Data Driven Platforms to Support IoT, SDN, and Cloud

…e consumed by another that is relative close to the producer. It is unlikely that there will be one protocol or transportation layer for all applications and infrastructures. The data fabric should therefore be capable to support multiple protocols and transportation layers, and support mappings of well-known data store standards (such as object-relational mapping) The data fabric can be queried, to enable discovery and correlation of data by app…


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IoE: Market shifts and their potential positive impact on the public sector in Emerging Markets

…vide access to affordable healthcare, education, emergency services, safety, security, more efficient / cleaner transportation, access to virtual town hall services – however prioritizing which challenges to address immediately can differ dramatically. While developed world will see use cases like parking management and streetlight management on the top of government priority lists, emerging markets, e.g. Indonesia would see Flood Management and…