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Cisco Connected Rail: Turning Vision into Reality

The world’s rail transportation systems are going places. From passenger trains that move people city to city at ever increasing speeds to freight trains that do the heavy lifting of global commerce, rail continues to power modern life. Cisco is thrilled to be a part of this dynamic industry and we enjoyed spotlighting Cisco Connected Rail solutions at a recent media event on Nov. 18-19 in New York City. The convergence of information and networ…


3.9 Million and the IOE

If I told you there’s something all around us that, if connected, could significantly help reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, reduce pollution on a massive scale, reduce the amount of time we spend in our cars, make entire cities smarter and contribute to an overall improvement of peoples’ physical and mental health all at the same time, would you ask why we’re not already doing everything we can to harness its potential? There are approxima…


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Public Safety Blog Series – Connecting the Unconnected is Smart Law Enforcement″>P25

…ltiplier Integrated video surveillance tools can also help cities, parks, city areas of business, parking and  transportation systems become much safer, provide an effective force multiplier for the law enforcement problem.  By connecting audio communications to video surveillance, for example, law enforcement can much more easily communicate directly to citizens at the right time, to support safe civic activities and support public safety more…


There’s No Place Like (a Connected) Home

…… with you! Cisco believes that IoE has the potential to transform supply chains, manufacturing plants, retail, transportation, energy megaprojects, and much more by “lighting up” dark assets of all kinds with connectivity and smart capabilities. Closer to home, IoE will touch… your home. Here are just a few examples of new household technologies that could light up your everyday life: Botanicalls is devising sensors to track the temperature and…


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Will Utilities Become Obsolete? The 1st Step to Get Ready for the IoT World Forum

…l moment for electric vehicles and the overall smart grid.  The smart grid will be one of the keys to a cleaner transportation future; and whether or not tomorrow’s smart grid becomes a reality could hinge upon widespread adoption of electric vehicles by consumers and the construction of the charging infrastructure these plug-in cars will require today. Biz – 16 – 29 October 10:45am BIZ-11 – Improving Industrial Value Creation with IoT As d…


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