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Data Visualized: IT Perceptions of the Internet of Things

…hrough those over 60. We had people from many different industries – education, construction, government, transportation, consulting, utilities – and more. When we released the survey, the analysis we did was really just a small part of what could be looked at.  There was a lot more data there to sift through and analyze than we explicitly discussed.  For example, we found 48% of those surveyed saw business opportunity with the Intern…


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Prince Philippe of Belgium Visits Cisco

…Every house has its videoconferencing unit; all vehicles and roads can be connected as well. The cost of public transportation and pay-as-you-drive varies according to road congestion. And if you opt to take your car, intelligent parking systems guide you to the nearest free spot. We are making things intelligent so that we can convert data into wisdom. Songdo will run on information. Prince Philippe arrives at Cisco   Smart government Anoth…


The Smart City Council – Accelerating an Exciting Growth

…r in the Smart Cities Council. Joining a host of other organizations in areas including smart energy, water and transportation, this group will serve as a key platform for promoting urban renewal projects. City leaders around the globe will be able to tap into this network and leverage it as a resource in building out a comprehensive roadmap for city planning efforts. Participating organizations include Alstom, AT&T, Electricite de France, Ge…


Securing the Internet of Everything: An Architectural View

…framework. As the applications of the IoT/M2M affect our daily lives, whether it is in the Industrial Control, Transportation, Smartgrid or Healthcare, it becomes imperative to ensure a secure IoT/M2M system. As the use of IP networks are employed, IoT/M2M applications have already become a target for attacks that will continue to grow in both quantity and sophistication. Both the scale and context of the IoT/M2M make it a compelling target for…


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Securing the Internet of Everything: An Introduction

…onable approach has been to understand the common attributes that crosses vertical segments such as Intelligent Transportation, Smart Utilities, Industrial Automation and so on. The Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) are general abstractions for the network infrastructure that links physical and virtual objects. In Cisco, we now refer to these abstractions as the Internet of Everything, IoE. The IoE describes a world where bill…


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