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Taking the Internet of Everything on the Road”>video

…(IoE) proof-of-concept for a smart city, showcases what IoE can enable for a connected world and for connected transportation. The project is more than just a street loaded with sensors; the PoC will serve as a blueprint for future deployments, taking the lessons learned from Nice and other innovative cities and sharing this information with other aspiring communities. Two of the city services will directly affect the driving experience in Nice….


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Cisco Live Connected Buses: More Than Just a Ride

…hat delivers Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications in even the harshest conditions. Back in the Cisco Connected Transportation booth, a monitor showed live GPS tracking of every bus in the fleet and visually tracked all buses and their location on a color coded interactive map.  On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) monitoring captured real-time vehicle telematics such as speed, tire pressure, RPM, engine temperature and fuel efficiency. This data was sent t…


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Cisco Live 2013 – Great feedback for Industry Sessions, and it’s not over yet…

…questions, and another session (BRKIND-1258) by Tony Shakib – The Internet of Things in Automotive & Transportation, Energy, and Manufacturing – had a packed house of attendees enthralled by what he had to say about the Internet of Things. Many of you know Tony as the new Cisco VP of IoT Vertical Business for the Internet of Everything Business Group. Tony Shakib, Vice President, Business Solutions, IoEBG   More about these…


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Smart Trade: Cisco Is Helping Revolutionize Legacy Trade Practices Around the World

…g for the past year and a half to develop the software needed to integrate ordering processes, payment systems, transportation systems, and port clearance processes, using several of the components of Cisco’s Unified Communications (UC) suite.  The project is on track for pilot implementations in two trading countries, two associated ports, three customers, one shipping line, one bank, and one service provider by the year end. Potential Implicati…


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Cisco’s IOT Connected Safety and Security applications at Cisco Live”>Cisco

…dio interoperability: Mark Gonsalves demos Cisco IPICS incident response at Cisco Live  Video Demo of Connected Transportation Solution with Andy Manuel: IOT Cisco Connected Transportation demonstration by Andy Manuel at Cisco Live Reality Mobile’s application enables real-time collaboration and real-world decision making while meeting enterprise needs for strict security, rigorous manageability and simultaneous information flows in multiple dir…