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Making the Roads Safer Through the Internet of Everything

…g at unsafe rate of speed. A deeper look into the future of connected vehicles and how humans currently utilize transportation gives way to the idea that one day, we will not drive our own cars at all. All vehicles communicating data with one another will eventually lead to self-driving cars that will deliver safer road conditions and more predictability while driving. According to Ford, today there are about 1 billion cars on the road. By 2050,…


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Intelligent Communities Global Blog Series–The “Connected Boulevard”: Taking the Fast Lane to the Internet of Everything

…ablets, visitors to central Nice can see where parking is available, as well as real-time information on public transportation and bike or car-sharing availability. We estimate this system will reduce traffic congestion by 30 percent and improve air quality by 25 percent. Smart lighting: The intelligent outdoor lighting system can realize at least 20 percent in power savings by adjusting light intensity based on changing weather and traffic con…


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The Evolution of Customer Experience: Synchronicity!

…about each of these experiences, however, there actually is a lot in common! Each of these industries (retail, transportation, healthcare, banking) is becoming more passionate about truly delivering good customer experience and building customer loyalty. Why? Research has established that satisfied customers spend more money “now” and, in the longer term, become more loyal. For example, according to a J.D. Power survey, a delighted traveler is l…


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Data Visualized: IT Perceptions of the Internet of Things

…hrough those over 60. We had people from many different industries – education, construction, government, transportation, consulting, utilities – and more. When we released the survey, the analysis we did was really just a small part of what could be looked at.  There was a lot more data there to sift through and analyze than we explicitly discussed.  For example, we found 48% of those surveyed saw business opportunity with the Intern…


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Prince Philippe of Belgium Visits Cisco

…Every house has its videoconferencing unit; all vehicles and roads can be connected as well. The cost of public transportation and pay-as-you-drive varies according to road congestion. And if you opt to take your car, intelligent parking systems guide you to the nearest free spot. We are making things intelligent so that we can convert data into wisdom. Songdo will run on information. Prince Philippe arrives at Cisco   Smart government Anoth…