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Unstoppable Momentum: Cisco Data Center

…rformance numbers among leading technologies in the data center space.  He calls out Juniper, HP, Arista..a few others…don’t miss this! More great info if interested: TechWiseTV 85 — We shot this one last year at CiscoLive in London. Good base material as Ravi Balakrishnan introduces us to the Virtual Interface Card. TechWiseTV 72 — Francois Tallet introduces us to FabricPath and how we can handle spanning tree. Nexus 5548 Architect…


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Live Webinar: Service Provider IPv6 Deployment

…nce degree in electrical engineering from the University of Arizona and a master of science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Kansas. He also holds CCIE certification number 2240. You can register now at The webinar will take place inside We look forward to your participation!…


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Universal Power over Ethernet

…Break Down: Sylvia gets the context from Pradeep Parmar Jimmy Ray is taking us ‘inside the cable – make sure we can appreciate just impressive this is electrically Nikhil Sharma is our guest engineer with a UPOE demo from the CiscoLive show floor and right here with us in the lab as we go hands-on the Catalyst 4500E Thank you for watching! Stay tuned for more shows!  You can easily get to our little YouTube home at, or follow our…


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Cisco Live On-Demand: Powered By Cisco TelePresence

If you have attended Cisco Live, you know that Cisco technology powers many different features of the show.   Digital media signage, IP phones, VXI thin clients, hundreds of wireless APs, and of course the enterprise-grade Cisco network. At Cisco Live 2011 in Las Vegas, we activated more Cisco technology, this time from the TelePresence family.    Each Cisco Live event has up to 500 breakout sessions for attendees to learn and interact with Cisc…


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10 Steps to a Successful IPv6 Implementation

…of this protocol should be in your IPv6 transition strategy. Segment 6: IPv6 Multicast on the Catalyst 6500 Jimmy Ray and Shawn Wargo _Shawn Wargo illustrates IPv6 multicast on the Catalyst 6500 right from the show floor at CiscoLive Additional Reading – Cisco’s IPv6 Resource Site What Enterprises Should Do About IPv6 In 2011 Feedback Loop today came from ‘Seth’ in Ireland with a question about Auto-Config v6 vs. DHCP v6.  Watch the show for ou…


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