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Behind the Scenes at the Ciscolive! Network Operations Center

…of a very dedicated team of networking subject matter experts for the past 5 years in prepping and running the Ciscolive! event  network.  Before 2008 the network was installed and monitored by a commercial events networking company.  However, it became clear with the number of Technical Marketing Engineers, Services Engineers and product developers on-site for Ciscolive! that we were well equipped to take on the responsibility in addition to ou…


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Learning, Friends and Social Networking at #CLUS

…ce. In the past few years Social Media has become a huge part of Cisco Live! And this year was no exception.  @CiscoLive is the person to follow on twitter starting in the winter all the way through CLUS they give us some scoop on the social networking scene, polls on the bands, backpacks, etc. and if you did not visit the Social Networking Hub you missed out.  I spent every free minute there, met old friends, made new ones and had a ball watchi…


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Cisco Empowered Women’s Network Launch at CiscoLive!

  On June 22, the first Cisco Empowered Women’s Network (CEWN) session was held at the CiscoLive! conference in Orlando, Florida. It was an opportunity for Cisco’s female customers, partners and employees and their male allies to gather for learning, sharing and networking. Among the many great speakers at the event were Padmasree Warrior, Chief Technology and Strategy Officer of Cisco, who spoke about leadership and Sheila Jordan, SVP, Commu…


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Cisco UCS in an industrialized world

CiscoLive 2013 concluded last week in Orlando. Some of the sessions are available for viewing at One of the keynote addresses featured an AVA 500 robot from irobot (Registration required – Hour and 48 mins into the video).  The robot brought a flood of memories from my days as a grad student.  I was a student participant in a consortium of companies striving for manufacturing excellence. There was a major push in the…


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Route Redistribution – A thing of the past?

This week at CiscoLive Orlando, Cisco made two announcements around Enterprise Routing – Open EIGRP and EIGRP OTP. Originally announced at CiscoLive London, EIGRP has been opened to the community as an IETF Informational Draft “Open EIGRP”, Open EIGRP  provides vendors with technical information on EIGRP and the accumulation of 20 years of development and enhancements. With the publishing of this IETF Draft, vendors can now int…


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