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ACG Research says “Cisco Continues to grow Market Share Leadership in Mobility” – #1 in Mobile IP Infrastructure, Packet Core, Mobile Backhaul, PCRF, and Mobile IP Core” for Q1 2015.

…nd Mobile market, we expect the Mobile Video Growth continue to skyrocket. According to the just released Cisco VNI by 2019, more than 14 percent of monthly IP traffic will derive from cellular connections, and 53 percent of monthly IP traffic will come from Wi-Fi connections globally, making differentiated and monetizable mobile strategies more important for all service providers. Wi-Fi and mobile connected devices will generate 67 percent of I…


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2015 Cisco VNI Complete Forecast Update: Key Trends Include Mobility, M2M and Multimedia Content

Today, Cisco released the 10th annual VNI Global IP Traffic and Service Adoption Forecasts for 2014 – 2019 (see media release). The primary drivers of global IP traffic growth continue to show increases that will create a greater global demand for IP network resources. As a result of these fundamentals, we are projecting that global IP traffic will grow three-fold from 2014 to 2019 –reaching 2.0 Zettabytes annually by 2019 (a 23% CAGR ove…


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How to Build a Strong Service Provider Business

…ications. These changes, if not planned for and adapted to, can weaken service provider operations and customer satisfaction. Developing a strong service provider business that can pace itself with these changes and stay profitable along the way requires focus in four primary areas: Customers Service Offerings Talent Network Customers It is essential that each provider understand their customer’s motivators and incentives for adopting certain t…


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ACG Research says “Cisco Continues to grow Market Share Leadership in Mobility” – #1 in Mobile IP Infrastructure, Packet Core, Mobile Backhaul, and Mobile IP Core

…he #1 provider of the Mobile IP Infrastructure Market Share with over 39%. In 2014 the average smartphone data usage grew 45 percent. The average amount of traffic generated per smartphone in 2014 was 819 MB per month, up from 563 MB per month in 2013. With the worldwide smartphone market growing 28.2% year over year in the fourth quarter of 2014 (2014 Q4), with shipments of 377.5 million units, according to data from the International Data Corpo…


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Changing the Mobility Market with Policy

…ement for their policy platforms. Handling VoLTE not only means scaling up to handle many more sessions and transactions, but also having the capability to handle specific requirements such as support of emergency services, voice-specific charging, or QoS guarantees. By implementing Cisco Policy Suite to address VoLTE demands, operators can also serve the community with improved services. One of the capabilities is the ability to send network pro…


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