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The North American International Auto Show 2012: How the Automotive Industry is Embracing Social Media

…ommunication to harness attraction from the public. However, trends are showing how this industry is embracing social media to broaden its outreach. Collaborating directly with Eric Hoppe, a Social Media Analyst in Michigan who works specifically on automotive campaigns, we explored emerging social media trends at this year’s auto show. Through photos and insights collected live from the Auto Show floor, we exchanged exciting dialogues about how…


Cisco’s 8 New Year’s Resolution for Partners

…year. We’ll be revamping our wildly popular social media ebook for partners this year. Version one of our social media ebook is still available to view and download (for free!) and contains all the info you need to get started or keep the social media momentum going. Let us know what questions we can help answer or which tools you’d like to see in version two. The Channels blog’s Social Media Spotlight series covers a wide array…


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Virtual Velocity Broadcast Recap: Tips and Tricks for Leveraging LinkedIn for Business

…use SEO is based on location, have someone across the country Google your name to see what comes up. (Check out Social Media Spotlight: The Importance of SEO to learn more.) Then, Heather tackled questions from the audience. If I only wanted to spend an hour a week on social media, what should I do first? You need to start off with about two hours of work before hand to get ready. For the first hour, use SEO to make sure you are found when some…


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Social Media Spotlight: Top 10 Tips for Setting Up the Perfect Video

…sed, even if they haven’t practiced their material extensively. We here at Cisco Channels use the Pro Prompter HD with the first-generation Apple iPad. So those are Andrew’s top tips! Got any special video set-up tips that you rely on? Any filming or social media questions we can answer? Be sure to share in the comments. And next up in our Social Media Spotlight series: How to get the most out of Twitter….


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Social Media Spotlight: Eight Tips for Writing an Engaging Blog Entry

In our previous installment of Social Media Spotlight, we took a look at how blogs can help tell your company’s story and draw in new customers. Well, now it’s time to take a deeper dive into how to craft a blog post. Alex Krasne and I have been writing and blogging for quite a while now (about 30 years, combined, to be exact), so we know a thing or two about how to shape ideas in a way that engages readers and generates a conversation. Here are…


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