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The Smart City Council – Accelerating an Exciting Growth

…s relevant technologies and a change in the way we think, but also how we collaborate with city stakeholders and ecosystem partners. To the last point, I am proud to formally announce our involvement as a lead partner in the Smart Cities Council. Joining a host of other organizations in areas including smart energy, water and transportation, this group will serve as a key platform for promoting urban renewal projects. City leaders around the…


Real-World M2M—and a Real-World Mobile Data Challenge”

…f power usage over existing cell networks, thus reducing deployment costs for the utility and saving energy for the planet. At the same time, smarter grids enable customers to better manage their own energy usage. One recent Smart Grid example is Qualcomm’s work with Duke Energy, the largest electric power holding company in the United States. The success of this collaboration has enabled Duke Energy to install hundreds of thousands of…


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In Europe, Grid 4EU Sets Foundation for the Smart Grid

Grid4EU is a four-year, multi-national project that comprises six smart grid projects by utilities in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Sweden, and the Czech Republic. Together these projects cover more than half of Europe’s electricity supply. With an ecosystem of 27-partners, the project is focusing on smart grid solutions for renewable energy integration, grid automation and energy efficiency.  This will effectively lay the groundwork for…


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When ‘Machine-to-Machine’ Revolution Meets ‘Smart Cities’: A Glimpse into the Discussions inside San Diego Public Sector + Tech Community

…ation, utilities, automotive, oil and gas, mining, military, service providers and other sectors are undergoing a transformation driven by new requirements around factory floor automation, traffic management, data analytics, smart grid, smart cities and machine-to-machine communication. We are moving fast towards a world in which all devices, machines, and vehicles are becoming connected and integrated with traditional enterprise networks and…


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Zigbee IP: Extending the Smart Grid to Consumers

…ard is a first definition of an open standards based IPv6 stack for smart objects. The effort has made significant progress to bring IPv6 network protocols over 802.15.4 wireless mesh networks to reality. With respect to the Smart Grid, the use of the well-understood IPv6 suite of standards will enable large scale, multi-vendor deployments of smart-meters, line sensors, smart appliances, energy displays, etc. all supporting standardized energy…


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