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Announcing Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler (TES) 6.2

…xible Security Feature For large enterprises that segment globally or for any user who creates domains for their data center, Cisco TES now supports multi-domain coverage from a single client manager allowing greater flexibility and ease of use. And for greater runtime flexibility, Cisco TES allows users to associate runtime users to workgroups to be used while defining the workloads. Cisco TES and Big Data TES supports end-to-end workloads that…


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Wrapping up Cisco Live 2014

Wow! It’s been a big, big week. This was my first Cisco Live and it did not disappoint. With more than 25,000 attendees on site, I have never been involved in such a huge customer event. I am always excited to interact with our customers and partners, and there were so many folks to talk to at this event it was almost overwhelming! Still, we whittled it down to a few folks that can give you an idea of why they make the investment to attend Cisco…


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Save Big Money with Big Data

Data in data warehouses doubles every 2.5 years. For users, this means more data to analyze, leading to better business outcomes. That’s the good news. The bad news is that this extra storage capacity and computing power comes at a cost. A high cost it turns out. So what is an enterprise to do? Keep writing bigger and bigger checks to the data warehouse vendor? At least the business can take advantage of the extra data? Or should they move…


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Cisco UCS and ACI Infrastructure Innovations for Big Data at Hadoop Summit

Big Data remains one of the hottest topics in the industry due to the actual dollar value that businesses are deriving from making sense from tons of structured and unstructured data.  Virtually every field is leveraging a data-driven strategy as people, process, data and things are increasing being connected (Internet of Everything). New tools and techniques are being developed that can mine vast stores of data to inform decision making in ways…


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Threat Detection: A Big Data Approach to Security

…y, global threat intelligence knowledge base, talent, and global reach. To learn more about MTD, watch the video datasheet below: While developing this solution, the MTD development team talked to dozens of customers around the world. As a result of these discussions, two dominant themes emerged: The sheer quantity of security telemetry generated in most large enterprises makes security monitoring a Big Data problem Customers need rapid appli…


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