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Cisco UCS and Intel Xeon E7v3: bringing the horsepower you need for analytics

…. Here are two reasons why: You never hear about an analytic environment getting smaller. Massive increases in data volume mean these environments inevitably grow.   For many, this will mean continuously expanding clusters of hundreds or thousands of servers for scale-out big data apps and bringing in ever-larger systems for the scale-up, in-memory analytics. Data is the lifeblood of the digital enterprise. As the use of big data becomes pervasi…


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The Palms Casino Resort Wins Big with Cisco to Enhance the Guest Experience

…looked to Cisco. Presently, the Palms network is exclusively Cisco switching, with Nexus and UCS servers in the data center and Integrated Services Routers (ISRs) and access points throughout the property, in addition to voicemail and collaboration technologies. At a press and analyst reception at the Palms during the Interop Las Vegas show, Saint-Marc unveiled his vision, which included the latest phase by including new Cisco IP phones for the e…


Preparing for the Next Big Wave in IT: The Intercloud’s Role in Digitization

…vices with a finite set of management tools for everyone’s use. In the emerging cloud world, the control of the data center has become segregated into individual hardware components (compute, network, storage) and become more available to the masses. Today developers are building and running cloud services and next generation applications.  As users, we are also composing our own cloud services to get our job done and combining all the various th…


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A Comprehensive Approach to Building Your Big Data

One of the most exciting, yet challenging opportunities companies face today is related to data. Every year, they have to deal with about 40% more data than the year before. At this rate, by 2020, there will be 40 zettabytes of data in the world (40 trillion gigabytes) – that is 5,200 GB of data for every person on the planet Earth. If these volumes were not enough to make you dizzy, think about the variety of sources and format that is in…


OSpod #28: An Interview with John Dickinson

…hey are unstructured with relative to one another. In aggregate all of our pictures together. It’s just a big bunch of unstructured data. Another really common use case and one of the things people start using Swift for initially is backups. I’ve got a server, I’ve got a lot of servers and many times it’s using something like Nova is I’ve got all of these servers and need to back them up so where do I put all the bac…


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