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Critical Infrastructure: How Smart Cities Will Transform Latin America

…ent agencies to share video feeds. In fact, cities like Santiago and Bogota have already begun testing several smart traffic solutions to solve the traffic congestion problem. Cities are the epicenter of the IoE, where people, things, data and processes can be connected to deliver new and amazing value. In Latin America, a host of metropolitan areas are becoming smarter, more connected cities that will specialize in reducing waste, maximizing e…


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#SmartConnectedCity Series Wrap-up: IoE, Smart+Connected Communities, and the Future of Cities

…can help enrich people’s lives.     Read the full article via Huffington Post , published today. IoE, the Smart+Connected Communities Framework, and the Impact on the Public Sector Throughout the  New Cities Summit , as well as throughout our #SmartConnectedCity blog series, we took a look at how IoE and technology are helping to re-define cities by providing a framework for city and local government leaders to improve agency agility and p…


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#SmartConnectedCity Series: Accessing Remote Experts for Government Services

…trigued by many of the solutions and applications the City of Dallas has put into place on its quest to become a smart and connected city. With so many cities being pressured with the need to spend less yet meet growing citizen needs, we are seeing a growing interest in solutions such as the Remote Expert Smart Solution for Government Services (REGS). Many of us don’t have frequent need to engage with a city expert or professional, but when I hav…


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#SmartConnectedCity series: New Cities Summit media event reveals the future of #SmartCities is now

…thing to reduce crime, enhance interactions with citizens and provide key information – via the convenience of a smart phone. Shawn Williams, the public information officer for Dallas, shared new Smart City solutions that address technology, architecture, public safety, economic vitality, and the arts and culture of the city. For example, the city’s open data portal makes it easy for application developers to create apps relevant to their o…


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Summary: #SmartConnectedCity Series: A Smart City is a Safer City: Look to the Internet of Everything

Increasing safety used to mean finding budget for additional personnel, vehicles, equipment, radio networks, and other traditional IT. But thanks to an influx of connected technology, cities all over the world are reimagining what’s possible. One question that is on the minds of many government leaders is: how can my community bring the same amount of funding and resources, achieve effective and secure collaboration and information sharing, and…


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