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Cisco’s Culture of Innovation: Thriving in the 21st Century

On March 26, I gave a presentation on Cisco’s culture of innovation at the Unleashing Innovation Summit in New York City. This venue gave me the chance to discuss our belief that the next billion-dollar idea can come from anywhere and that our innovation strategy and culture reflect that philosophy. Innovation is a core part of Cisco’s values and culture, and we don’t limit innovation to dramatic technological breakthroughs. Instead, we see inno…


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Let’s CHILL… an IoE innovation acronym

Last week, I attended a very interesting meeting in San Francisco for a program we call CHILL – Cisco Hyper Innovation Living Labs. The session, facilitated by the Factory, an incubator backed by Skype co-founder Janus Friis, included key leaders from retail, consumer products, and finance industries. Your first question might be, “What kind of a hype phrase is hyper innovation?” It’s actually quite apropos given the pace of change in technolo…


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Cultivating Engagement and Innovation: The History of Cisco’s April Fools’ Patent Contest

…colleagues and managers truly sets a company apart. Thankfully for us on this the first of April our culture of innovation shines through Cisco’s annual April Fools’ Patent Contest. Taking a unique, fun spin on an enduring part of Cisco’s history in honor of our beloved prank holiday, our engineers are asked to submit goofy patents through the same portal that true patents have crossed in hopes that their invention will be selected as the winner…


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The Importance of Service Research to Our Industry

If you do not know the International Society of Service Innovation Professionals or ISSP, I encourage you to do so. ISSIP is an amazing organization with very active Cisco engagement; and yes Cisco is a co-founder of ISSIP. ISSIP defines service “as the application of knowledge for the benefit of others, and service science as the study of diverse, interconnected, complex “human-centered value co-creation systems in business and in society.” Wit…


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The Center for Digital Business Transformation: Helping Our Customers Thrive in a Digital World

…ledge must come from timely and insightful thought leadership based on real-world primary research and rapid co-innovation with leading organizations. To address this urgent need, I’m proud to share that Cisco is contributing $10 million over five years to create The Global Center for Digital Business Transformation in partnership with IMD, a top-ranked business school focused on executive education. Our goal is to create the world’s top destinat…


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