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Threat Spotlight: TeslaCrypt – Decrypt It Yourself

…s, including PC gamers. Just like irreplaceable photos, a game save, which is the product of countless hours of gaming, is extremely valuable and hard to replace. We have analysed two samples of TeslaCrypt, the first dated March 2015 and the second dated April 2015. Their SHA256 are: 3372c1edab46837f1e973164fa2d726c5c5e17bcb888828ccd7c4dfcc234a370 6c6f88ebd42e3ef5ca6c77622176183414d318845f709591bc4117704f1c95f4 Both samples implement the follow…


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OSpod #28: An Interview with John Dickinson

…ing Swift as an origin for a lot of the content that they’re doing especially that’s popular in the gaming industry, financial industry is really sensitive about where their data lives. A lot of them are saying I’ve got all of these documents and I can’t give them to a different company so I have to make sure that they are safely and secured in my own data center and I need a way to do that scalably. They’re using Sw…


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FlexPod Datacenter with Microsoft Private Cloud — A Premier Integrated Platform for Mission Critical Microsoft SQL Server Implementations

…a premiere platform for the most demanding applications. This performance and load test implements a real world gaming workload on Microsoft SQL Server 2014. Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate Edition was used to generate and run the performance and load tests. For more information about Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate Edition see More information about Microsoft SQL Server 2014 can be found at http://w…


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OpenStack Podcast #25: Ryan Floyd

…ch faster every year. It’s exciting to see. I had a customer at a large Fortune company talk to one of my gaming companies and was talking about that he gets 6kVA rack fully loaded on Open Compute. You just can’t do that with other folks. We are testing OpenStack on that. We are trying to create a smaller BOM on that that’s fully supported. That’s the other thing, is where there’s a big gap on the support side. Who i…


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To Compete in the Retail Revolution, Mobility and Analytics Are Critical

…rywhere — and vying for the attention of just about everyone. On a train, in a café, or in the park, people are gaming, connecting with far-away friends, and watching TV shows. Increasingly, they are also researching, browsing, and buying products. Such tech-savvy mobile shoppers are driving a retail revolution that has left many brick-and-mortar retailers scrambling to catch up. In fact, mobility and apps have created an industry disruption simi…


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