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Cisco: Multi-DRM (Digital Rights Management) Done Right

Content protection technology used to be selected by the video service provider, and was typically based on a controlled proprietary solution. That is no longer the case. Consumers today enjoy all kinds of content on a myriad of devices. No longer are viewers tied to the living room — they can enjoy content on tablets, gaming consoles, mobile devices, and new technologies emerging every day. All of this content is protected by several different…


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Our Week as Video Broadcasters: 5 Insights

In mid-May, we told you about our plans to broadcast live keynotes from Cisco Live  on, specifically from our home page. Well, we did it. For four days, May 19-22, our live video coverage on our home page included: John Chambers keynote Rob Lloyd keynote Industry keynote — IoT Guest keynote — Sal Kahn from Kahn Academy Here are a few snapshots of what it looked like: Now that the event is over, what did we learn ̵…


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Cisco’s Doing What on Earth Day?

Oh so much! First of all, we don’t consider Earth Day as just one day in the year when we implement a few feel-good actions that temporarily improve our environment. We consider Earth Day a great opportunity to reach out to our 68,000+ global employees to highlight today’s most pressing environmental issues — to educate them about what Cisco is doing, and to guide them in what they can do every day of the year to reduce their impact on the…


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Open innovation: Harnessing the ideas, talent and passion of the startup eco-system

What does an already innovative company like Cisco do more to innovate?  What do we need to do differently to influence or shape the next breakthrough that will fundamentally change our industry and Cisco?  As we embark on a journey to transform Cisco into a #1 IT solution provider, we know we must innovate more and faster – and spot the next industry-shaping change before it catches our industry off-guard. We believe one of the key strategies f…


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VDI 2.0 is knocking at the door – when will you answer?

As a Cisco Technical Solutions Architect working directly with our customers, partners, business units and watching the evolution of VDI, its becoming more and more apparent that things are about to change in a major way. The model in which we used to sell, design and deliver VDI was based on the environment that it was formed around. We are moving beyond the “just get it to work” phase and are getting set to face the next challenge…