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To Compete in the Retail Revolution, Mobility and Analytics Are Critical

…rywhere — and vying for the attention of just about everyone. On a train, in a café, or in the park, people are gaming, connecting with far-away friends, and watching TV shows. Increasingly, they are also researching, browsing, and buying products. Such tech-savvy mobile shoppers are driving a retail revolution that has left many brick-and-mortar retailers scrambling to catch up. In fact, mobility and apps have created an industry disruption simi…


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Observations from Mobile World Congress 2015

…r ubiquitous smart phones, we can expect it to have a big impact on re-shaping many businesses – far beyond the gaming world. Virtualization Reality — Virtualization and the cloud have finally hit the core mobile network elements. Not only will this make it less expensive for operators to build networks, but will provide them with much greater flexibility and responsiveness and allow the network to extend well beyond the boundaries of the traditi…


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Bad Browser Plug-ins Gone Wild: Malvertising, Data Exfiltration, and Malware, Oh my!

…r a Windows user contains a link to the malicious “PC Repair” while the Linux user receives and ad for internet gaming.     Conclusion Identifying and blocking adware, malware, and exfiltration of data requires a multi-tiered security approach. The exponential growth of advertising, and hence adware, only makes these tiered security practices all the more important. With the global Internet ad revenue rapidly approaching an estimated…


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Go Mercedes, and Leave the Driving to IoE

…the Internet of Everything economy — for jobs that we can barely imagine today. (Disclaimer: they still need to do their homework and get their education!) Someday, when your gaming-obsessed son or daughter spies a job opening on their wearable device for Trucking Engineer/Programmer, they will be ready. What do you think about the future of self-driving trucks and the evolution of job skills in trucking and other industries?…


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A Partner Experience with the new Cisco WAP371 802.11ac Wireless Access Point

…web sites. Through the years, it has evolved into an internet company whose focus lies on technology solutions, gaming, music and online advertising.  In the beginning, TechConnect was about the passion for technology, and the drive to making dreams come true. TechConnect’s strength lies in the unique blend of skills and knowledge brought about by the varied and international nature of its employees. Hailing from across Europe, and from all walks…


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