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A Partner Experience with the new Cisco WAP371 802.11ac Wireless Access Point

…ning. TechConnect helps small and medium sized companies in the Netherlands and Belgium with IT solutions and web services. Michiel Beenen is the Founder and Managing Director of TechConnect. Internet entrepreneur and online gaming enthusiast, Michiel started the online community (GameConnect) through a combination of his passion for bringing friends together. Michiel has worked on many projects on the cutting edge of online and offline…


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Cisco Supports Tech Entrepreneurs in Jordan

…Having begun its journey at the iPARK, an ICT incubator in Amman, MXD was from day one building technology targeted at a global audience. Its flagship product, a 3D asset development tool called GameDraw built for the Unity gaming engine, is used by over 16,000 game developers in 110 countries (as of January 2014). The company has expanded its global footprint, completing the Alchemist Accelerator program in Silicon Valley in August 2013 and…


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Cisco UK Makes BIG Progress Toward Tech Innovation in 2013

…ed that many of these are now members of the NVI network, which, during the course of 2013, reached its initial goal of 12 core nodes covering the length and breadth of the UK, and many differing areas of expertise – health, gaming, media, renewable energies, biotech, pure tech, smart cities an sensors to name a few. IDEALondon opens its doors Having donned hard hats for many, many months, In October we finally opened our new innovation space in…


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Cracking Your Passwords With My Video Card.

…DA machine for other stuff like gaming, surfing and work stuff, lower the max number accordingly. It’s different for every machine. For my 8600 card, 500 is dedicating max resources. I use 10 for everything else except gaming and truthfully with the demand gaming tugs on a video card I do not game (on that machine) when CUDA is Crackin’. With 1500+ hashes, the tables from BOINC at I busted thru and…


People + Process + Data + Things = JOBS

…ceive the future of job creation in the Internet of Everything (IoE) economy. Gaming (within reason!) bestows children with some valuable skills that will be relevant to a rapidly evolving job market. And for a few kids, the gaming becomes the job. Gaming “super bowls” draw top players and increasingly large audiences that prefer the interactive nature of gaming to the performer / spectator model of “real” sports. The point is not for parents to…


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