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Networkers at CiscoLive 2010 – Barcelona – Daily Blogger Techminute Day 1″>Data

Today we open the “World of solutions” at 10:00 am  – As experienced in San Francisco at Cisco Live last July, the Data Center of the Future demo  was quickly packed with very interested visitors –  The Data Center of the Future demo is a 15 racks  simulated data center showcasing a complete suite of Data Center partner solutions in a data center environment –  As…


Focus on Energy – No Flash in the Pan

…Blog. Be sure to give it a look. The reason for today’s post however is to bring your attention to our latest podcast featuring an old friend of the show, Ramesh Bijor. Ramesh was all over Jimmy Ray again this year at CiscoLive to make sure we got a good look at his Cisco EnergyWise demo. The concepts are simple to digest I think but profound in their long term outlook. Jimmy Ray does a good job as usual of digging behind the initial…


Beyond CiscoLive 2009!

…s like FCoE, UCS and clouds (in their seeming infinite variety) really mean for them, so that should keep up off the streets and out of trouble for a while, making sure we get those questions answered.Here is our final blogger minute for you entertainment. We captured a lot of video over the week, so look for highlights for the show floor and from key sessions in the coming days. Remember, if you could not make it to CiscoLive! last week, you…


From CiscoLive! 2009 in San Francisco

Going into CiscoLive! in San Francisco, we asked our Cisco Twitter-ers (@CiscoSystems, @padmasree to name a few) to gather questions for Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers to answer from the show. This was our first Twitter Q&A and we loved hearing what was on your mind. Thanks to all of our followers for the great questions and feedback. Video of John answering a selection of tweets (from @SyncNZ, @bryanrbeal, @ DeepakDas, @atannen).Let…


John Chambers @ CiscoLive: “The Future is about speed, scale and flexibility.”

…to collaboration and teamwork. (For more on that topic see @ellmcgirt’s Cisco cover story at Fast Company).Note: Lots of tweets out there on CiscoLive…remember that the hashtag is #clsf Follow at @CiscoSystems, @CiscoLive, @Padmasree and more…Photos from the keynote and more from CiscoLive will be posted on our Flickr stream today.Great video blog from ZDNet’s Larry Dignan of Chambers keynote: “Video is the killer…