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VMworld2009 – Daily Blogger Techminute Day 1 & Day 2

…Day 1 – EMC Dave Graham, VMware Ernesto tey, Cisco Omara Sultan talk about the Data Center at VMworld 2009 based on Unified Computing Systems , Nexus and Cisco MDS Day 2 – EMC Chad Sakac and Dave Graham, VMware Guy Brunsdon, Cisco Chris Hoff and Omar Sultan share some of the major events at VMworld 2009 Stay tune for more information on the Data Center at VMworld2009, and the Daily Blogger Techminute Day 3…


VMWorld Starts Today!

…rtners. Click here for more information related to this webcast. Tuesday, Sept. 1 @ 4:00 p.m. Ed Bugnion, vice president and chief technology officer for Cisco Server Access and Virtualization Group will present a session at VMworld on Cisco’s virtualization solutions and highlight collaboration between Cisco and VMware to simplify management of virtualization in many different technology areas. This session will highlight specific…


Cisco and VMware Validated Architecture for Long Distance VMotion

…they probably already have in place. For more details, Cisco and VMware have jointly published a white paper the details the solution criteria, the validated design, and the testing results. For those of you that are here at VMworld 2009, check out session TA3105 this Wednesday at 4:30 or simply drop by the booth (#2118) for a demo. So, what’s next? Well, once VMworld is done, the team will get back to work on the solution roadmap. Next…


Cisco at VMworld 2009

Pretty much any major trade show is an exercise in barely controlled chaos and VMworld 2009 is no exception, but all the pieces are falling into place and I am looking forward to a good show next week. Last year, with the announcement of the Cisco Nexus 1000V we focused on what was possible. This year, with both the Nexus 1000V shipping and Cisco UCS shipping, we will be talking more about what is doable. The common theme across our demos,…


The Past and the Future of the Cisco Nexus 1000V

…enter infrastructure in support of existing virtual machines as well as in support of planned virtualization of DMZ environments and VDI deployments. We will be highlighting both DMZ and VDI solutions with the Nexus 1000V at VMworld next week in the Cisco booth. Stop by and check them out. OS: The N1KV seems pretty feature complete–on par with our hardware switches–we seem to have gotten networking to the point where it is caught up…