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…azing to see just how much has been accomplished. The Rivas Ecopolis (Eco-City) initiative is the latest in our Smart+Connected Video series. In this series, we highlight the people, the communities, and their innovative use of technology to re-shape their future with environmental sustainability, connected government and practical modernization. With aggressive goals and projects started back in 2004, Rivas Spain has a thriving young community…


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“The Internet of Things” takes a step forward with new IPv6 routing protocol

…at are often powered by small batteries that are difficult to replace. A key milestone for the advancement of IP smart object networks is the development of their own routing protocol, that was approved this month by the IETF.  Networks of IP-based smart objects can now be deployed to support a myriad of applications such as smart metering and smart grid networks, and to advance solutions for smart+connected communities. This is no longer a fut…


The Race to Build the Smartest Cities

Smart cities has been a hot topic for governments around the world for several years as climate concerns, rising urbanization trends and increasingly technology-savvy citizens is driving demand for connected and sustainable cities. The race to build smart cities will only intensify as competitive pressures build up amongst cities to attract the best talent and investment, says Dr Steve Hodgkinson, research director for Ovum, the analyst and cons…


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Building Cities in the Clouds in Asia

…nition video conference session with your friends, family or business associates anywhere in the world from your smart phone or network-enabled TV at home. Need to tweak your energy usage up or down? Check on your little one in kindergarten? Or ask your city council to help with some bulky refuse? Just a few taps on your smart phone or remote control gets the job done. Just as we today download apps for our iPhone or Android devices, citizens in…


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Cisco and Control4 Sign Strategic Agreement to Deliver Network-Enabled Automation Platforms

Cisco and Control4 have signed a strategic agreement to deliver network-enabled automation platforms for connected smart communities and home energy deployments around the world.  Cisco is leading an investment in Control4, and the collaboration between the two companies includes the integration of Control4® technology into Cisco’s Service Delivery Platform and the introduction of Cisco-branded Control4® products.  Additionally, Control4 will be…