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LIVESTRONG Sporting Park – Built for fans who refuse to be spectators

…means more interaction, more socializing; and more access to information that adds new dimensions to being in a stadium. For the stadium, of course, it means better fan experiences, more people at the games, and a satisfied sports team. Long live LIVESTRONG Sporting Park. (Note on how they do it: With Cisco Connected Stadium Wi-Fi and StadiumVision solutions in place, fans enjoy a state-of-art sports and remain immersed in all of the action throu…


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When Downtime Isn’t an Option: Fueling the Network for Fighter Jets

If you’ve ever been to an air show or watched fighter jets flying over your local stadium, you can appreciate the sheer magnitude of all involved for these amazing machines to fly, dip, dive, and soar — precision, mastered flying skills, and, of course, technology. Imagine the network demands to support those planes in the air, communications, navigation systems running: downtime is not an option EVER. The network, administration, and moni…


Coming soon to a stadium or arena near you: new fan experiences made possible by Cisco Connected Sports Solutions

…pain David Holland, SVP/GM, Cisco Sports and Entertainment Solutions Group Picture a fan sitting in a football stadium full of tens of thousands of people getting ready for the game to begin. The stadium is roaring with noise, the team takes the pitch, and the fan uses his or her mobile device to snap a picture, capturing an iconic moment. Like most football fans, and sports fans in general, he or she is a vibrant digital and social media c…


Borderless Networks: Experience Required

…ork Times website recently ran a great story by a reporter who decided to turn a visit to a ball game at Yankee Stadium into an outdoor musical piece. I loved it for this one reason: the sounds captured in this art form allowed me to experience the game from his perspective. If I had merely read about this in the newspaper, I’m certain I would not have been pulled in. The network’s evolution continues to fascinate. But more importantly, it challe…


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The Network Week in Review and Look Ahead: July 5–8

…eting models is the “marketing funnel.” Check out this feature by David Rogers. 4.) Cisco Connected Stadium Wi-Fi Delivers “Next Generation Mobility Experience” for Fans at Sports & Entertainment Venues Tired of not being able to use your phone at a crowded football game? Cisco has been working with entertainment and sports venues to enhance wireless bandwith and performance. Check out what is happening this week! If…


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