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Turn Meeting Rooms into Collaboration Rooms”

…video definition at the same bandwidth. Cisco’s intelligent video architecture also provides broad third-party interoperability on H.264 SVC. All these features and products focus on what makes it easier for people to work together by simplifying collaboration with industry-leading design, fully-integrated turn-key intelligent video collaboration systems, and great user experience. The goal is to help organizations of all sizes bring collaborati…


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New hardware Solutions, New Investment, What Does it Mean to Industry?

…have either been too expensive to roll out at scale or have compromised on quality, security, connectivity and interoperability to the point where the experience threshold is not achieved.  The market has shown that “good enough” does not deliver the type of user experiences that businesses need. We have been talking about quality attributes for some time, and arguably Cisco has been progressively improving this with both software and hardware d…


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Cisco Live US 2014 : Looking Forward to Great Sessions on Storage Networking (FC and FCoE)

…ude architectural design and enhanced capabilities of Cisco MDS 9710 and MDS 9250i, their typical use cases and interoperability with the other MDS 9000 family members as well as Nexus switches. This session is designed for storage engineers involved in FC and FCoE network design and Data Centre storage architecture. An understanding of FC switching technologies and FCoE benefits is assumed. 2 hours Technical Breakout – Presented by Adarsh Viswan…


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Global IT Report Identifies Key Policies for the Internet of Everything

…ig data analysis as part of the Internet of Everything. For example, robust industry standards are needed for interoperability and economies of scale.  While there are different requirements for critical networks, such as utilities that are closed, and networks connected to the open Internet (for example, those that monitor parking space availability), common standards will allow information to be exchanged within, and among, these networks as…


4 Key Requirements to Scale the Internet of Things

…t convergence of standards. Today Cisco’s IoT gateways support a very complete IPv6 protocol stack that ensures interoperability across equipment from different vendors. However, the wide diversity of IoT solutions requires even more flexible model where legacy interfaces and protocols can be fully integrated. Cisco IOx offers an open distributed computing platform that is able to scale the IoT to every single scenario, which mean every industry…


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