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Delivering Policy in the Age of Open Source”> The

…a software-based storage solution, offer promising paths in open source.  Given the fundamental requirements of interoperability in architecturally diverse infrastructure environments, its no surprise that open source is gaining momentum. The second trend around policy is a bit earlier in its evolution but equally disruptive.  Today, there is a huge disconnect between how application developers think about their requirements and the languages and…


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What, Why, Where, When, How: The New FCC Ruling Around 5 GHz

…ry momentum provided by the Wi-Fi Alliance Hotspot 2.0 program (and the corresponding Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint interoperability certification) making connectivity to secure WLANs as simple and seamless as that of cellular networks only points to increasing use of public Wi-Fi (and therefore increasing demands on available spectrum). The new FCC ruling around U-NII 1 is the result of many years of work in the industry, and has required open colla…


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Cisco is a Premier Sponsor at OpenStack Summit Atlanta 2014

…Hall. As I mentioned earlier, Cisco is leading or participating in fifteen speaking sessions that highlight our interoperability and commitment to open source technologies. We have four sessions on Monday, three on Tuesday, four on Wednesday, and four on Thursday. The schedule for our breakout sessions is listed below: Title Speakers Time/Location The Future of OpenStack Networking Dan Dumitriu, Kyle Mestery, Nils Swart, Lew Tucker…


Taking Encryption to the Next Level: Enrollment Over Secure Transport Strengthens Adoption of Elliptic Curve Cryptography

…much more rapid resolution of the security vulnerability. Looking ahead As an open standard, EST will increase interoperability with other company’s offerings, including our CA partners. Cisco has taken steps to accelerate adoption and interoperability by providing EST software in the open source community, through Github. Even at this early stage, we’re seeing some positive feedback. Phil Gibson, chairman of the PSNGB, the Industry Trade Associ…


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Turn Meeting Rooms into Collaboration Rooms”

…video definition at the same bandwidth. Cisco’s intelligent video architecture also provides broad third-party interoperability on H.264 SVC. All these features and products focus on what makes it easier for people to work together by simplifying collaboration with industry-leading design, fully-integrated turn-key intelligent video collaboration systems, and great user experience. The goal is to help organizations of all sizes bring collaborati…


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