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How Internet standards are born: Part 2

…ey weren’t able to scale, and these shortcomings hindered business processes and collaboration. The world realized that standardizing around IP made a lot of sense because it worked in fairly large networks and allowed interoperability between separate companies. It shows just how far we’ve come that some people have a tough time fathoming just two protocols – IPv4 and IPv6 – when the landscape used to be much more…


De Beer Announces End of the Word at Cisco Live

…s from other vendors.  The TelePresence interoperability issue has since largely been overcome and De Beer announced another piece of the jigsaw this morning in Barcelona. From today, Cisco is licensing its Telepresence Interoperability Protocol (TIP) to other vendors for free—and is putting it forward as a standard for interoperability between multiscreen telepresence systems. LifeSize, TANDBERG and RADVISION have already signed up…


Interoperability key for meeting federal mandates

…have been turning to as a way to increase communication and collaboration internally could go a long way towards doing the same for interagency collaboration, but the lack of connected systems remain a roadblock. This is why interoperability of VTC solutions is so important. Interoperability is essential for allowing disparate networks and VTC solutions to work together. Also, with cyber attack and network security on the minds of all agencies,…


Networking Standards: A Vendor Litmus Test for Open Systems

…ly through interoperability tests — tests that prove a standardized solution will deliver on its promise within real-world networks. Questions to ask: How many resources (engineers, systems, labs) have you committed to interoperability testing? Within which groups and at which events have you proven interoperability with other vendors’ products? ●    Deliver standardized solutions to market in a timely fashion….


Important Considerations When Choosing a WAN Optimization Solution

…ing architectures and doesn’t interfere with services and security on the network. Measurement and monitoring of application performance is essential to application delivery and enforcement of service level agreements. Interoperability between the WAN optimization solution and Application Performance Monitoring tools is required to overcome distortion of reporting results introduced by the TCP proxy action performed by the WAN Optimizer….