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VIDEO: NBA’s Steve Hellmuth at 2008 All-Star Game

Cisco’s Molly Ford interviews Steve Hellmuth, Senior Vice President, Operations and Technology NBA Entertainment. Hellmuth discusses his views on the use of technology in the NBA and how they look at “fantasy sports,” China, Cisco TelePresence and Digital Signage, and the future of entertainment. He also talks about Chris Bosh’s videos, Baron Davis’ movie reviews and Gilbert Arenas’ blog….


The NBA All-Star Game and the Heart of Human Communications

This weekend marks Cisco’s second participation in the NBA All-Star Game. As it takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana, it takes on a twin importance for us: both global and local.We share the NBA’s commitment to the revitalization of New Orleans and the Gulf region — we, through our 21st Century Schools Initiative (21S) and the league through its NBA Cares program — still recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Katr…


Help Me to Help You: Reflections on C-Scape 2007

Post by Alan S. Cohen, Vice President, Enterprise & Mid-Market SolutionsLast week we completed our annual C-Scape event, an annual gathering of industry, & financial analysts, press and Cisco executives and thought leaders in close proximity for two days of dialogue, discussion and debate. Whether it was the select roundtables with key analysts, main tent sessions revealing our expanding vision as a software company or a WiMAX player,…


Into Thin Air: Mobility, the NBA and Fans in the Human Network

Last weekend I had the distinct labor of co-hosting the NBA All-Star Game for Cisco (methinks the blogger doth protest too disingenuously). While much of the weekend’s focus was on the physical pyrotechnics of the slam dunk, celebrity sightings, and very, very cool parties with tall people, there was another key angle to this pinnacle of sports and entertainment, the NBA Technology Summit. Arch entrepreneur and NBA Commissioner David St…


U.S. Independence Day 230 years From Now

SAN JOSE, CA — On July 4th, 2006, the United States celebrated its 230th birthday. Last year at this time I tried my best guess at what life would be like 229 years from now, some predictions I still stand by and some I would like to revise…so here goes: My top 10 things that will be different in 2236 than 2006: 1. Independence from oil. Cold fusion will be solved and our power needs will be forever sated. As a result, the environment wi…