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Flip Video: The NBA Tips Off with a Little Thing

…tivity tool: a way to take away and study topics discussed in a meeting, replacing written notes. Now, even the NBA is using Flip video cameras. In September of this year, the NBA partnered with Cisco to create the NBA Flip Video Diaries. Five rookies, players and legends share their individual training routines and experiences with fans via a Flip Video diary.  Mike Bibby (Atlanta Hawks), Andre Iguodala (76ers), Derek Fisher (Lakers), Dann…


Money for Nothing…And My Cisco TelePresence for Free?

…ound climate change with former Vice President and Nobel Prize winner Al Gore and we positioned it to bring the NBA, NHL and now the NFL and sports fans a little closer. Now we are asking the world why they want TelePresence.  In fact we have made this a contest and offered $3000 and 5 hours of TelePresence to the winner.  This offers draws some pretty lofty goals, as one respondent wrote in: “I want Cisco Telepresence to do tran…


The Next Top Model

…se it for music production. Now, that’s a new way of thinking about collaboration technology.Other signs: NBA stars Shane Battier and Yao Ming used Cisco TelePresence for NBA China interviews from their home towns. The NHL uses it at hockey games for in-person interactions between fans, stars and sportscasters. How fun is that to be face to face with some of hockey’s greats? The TED conference this year connected two conference venue…


The $100 Billion Collaboration Stimulus Plan of 2009 – Part 1

…bertInspiration hits you at unusual times. I was standing in front of the Cisco Telepresence Experience at the NBA All Star game last weekend (February 7-8) — watching a long line of fans stand in line to have virtual face-to-face meetings with players like Steve Nash and Kevin Durant, or chat with local sportscasters engaging them in trivia contests — when I realized this inspiring experience was enabling a once in a lifetime oppor…


The Twitterati Mean Business

…ay, Social Networking and Collaboration technologies built on IT Virtualization provide many opportunities for companies: but the one that matters most is speed!So even the most ardent writer/blogger must understand resistance is futile. Starting later this week, I will begin Tweeting from the NBA All-Star Weekend in Phoenix, not about the famous vertical sights but the infusion of technology in the game. You can follow me on Twitter @ascohen….